Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

December 4, 2017


Sister Fanning got up this morning and made some dulce de leche bars for Family Home Evening tonight.  She is having more good days than bad, for which she is thankful.  Today is starting as a good day.

Sister Fanning had an appointment for her third knee injection.  For some reason, this one hurt really bad.  She was unable to move her leg after the injection.  The doctor bent and straightened her leg several times before she was able to move it on her own.  It was very painful.  However, there is no cartilage in her knee and very little space between the bones, so it was not unexpected.

We had lunch at KFC at the food court on the Naval Fleet Center.  We then headed to the commissary to do our shopping.  We did not need a lot of groceries. We were glad since Sister Fanning’s knee was still hurting. We went to Costco after the commissary.  A lady pulled a scooter up next to the car and asked if we wanted it.  Sister Fanning was grateful for it and rode it around the store to get the few items we needed. When we finished shopping, and were leaving, we found another lady who needed the scooter, and gave it to her.

We got an email from Military Relations in Salt Lake.  They have called a couple to the Lemoore Naval Air Station. They had questions, so Elder Sparrow referred them to us.  We talked for about an hour and will talk again next week.

We rode with Elder and Sister Lucherini to the Family Home Evening for the Senior Missionaries. We had a lasagna dinner, a program, sang Christmas carols, had an ornament exchange, and had cookies and hot chocolate for dessert.  We spent some time visiting with senior couples we did not know.  We had a good time.

By the time we got home, Sister Fanning’s knee was pretty sore.  We relaxed for a little while and went to bed late.

December 3, 2017


Today was not a good day for Sister Fanning.  She had an upset stomach and headache.  She slept late.

We went to the San Diego Naval Fleet Center for the LDS Service.  We had a petty officer first class come to the meeting.  He came to San Diego for two weeks of IT training during his deployment.  He will return to his deployed ship in about 10 days.  His wife and five children are in Hawaii, where he is stationed.  We partook of the Sacrament and each bore our testimony.  We spent some time after the meeting visiting with him about his life and plans.  He said he would be back next week.

We went home right after the meeting.  Sister Fanning took a nap.

We relaxed for the rest of the evening.  We went to bed on time.

December 2, 2017


This morning we had to be at the Naval Fleet Center Recreation Complex at 8:15.  We did a USO outreach at the Navy Family Holiday Party.  We had a table with candy for the children, and carabiner key chains for the adults.  We talked to people about programs and events that the USO is offering.  We also answered questions and explained policy.  We were very busy. They had hundreds of families at this holiday event.  They had Santa, resource booths from all kinds of businesses – from insurance to theme parks, food, carnival rides, face painting, and balloon animals.  The event went from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  We ran out of all of the goodies by 12:30. They also had special appearances by the Grinch, Whoville characters, and an 8-foot toy soldier.  We had a great time.

We went to the food court and had KFC for lunch.  We bought a San Diego Christmas ornament for the Senior Missionary ornament exchange.  We also picked up a few items at the commissary and got some gasoline.  Sister Fanning needed some toffee chips for some cookies she is making for the Senior Missionary Christmas Party.  The commissary does not carry them.  We ended up stopping at two more grocery stores before we found them.  We got home at 4:00.

We put our feet up and watched a movie.  Sister Fanning made hamburgers for dinner.  We did some dishes, straightened the house, and did some computer work.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

We got to bed on time.

We took pictures with Cindy Lou Who and Martha Mae Who at the Christmas Event.

December 1, 2017


We can’t believe it is already December.

We went to the USO this morning even though we were not on the schedule.  We were asked to come in this morning to wrap some gifts for the Santa Store.  Once we got there, however, things changed.  We did the bread check in and inventory of Costco items.  We were then asked to wrap plastic silverware in napkins.  Next week there will be a Santa Store for three nights.  Each night they will feed about 600 people.  The military children will be able to go into the Santa Store and pick gifts for their parents.  This is a free program for the families.  The gifts are quite nice and in the $25-30 range.  Thus us a great program for children who have a parent who is deployed, but have no one to help them shop for the parent at home.  We wrapped almost 400 sets of silverware while we watched the front desk.  Elder Fanning also help unload supplies from the car of one of the USO staff.  They have carts to take down to the parking garage via elevator, so it does not involve carrying things upstairs.

We were both a little sore when we finished.  We drove straight home.  Sister Fanning made homemade pizzas on whole wheat pita bread.  They were tasty.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning, working on computers, and watching Christmas movies with our feet up.  We have a USO event in the morning and need to be feeling well.

We got to bed on time.

November 30, 2017


This morning we went to the USO for our regular shift.  We worked at the main desk for the beginning of the shift.  We also stuffed, sealed, and put postage on 100 fund raising letters. We did some inventory for the Costco donations.

We decided to do some reconnaissance after the USO.  We drove to the MCRD to find the restaurant where our event is tonight.  We found another gate into the installation.  It was graduation for some of the recruits.  The restaurant was packed and there were families and marines walking around all over.

We drove back to the Naval Fleet Center and had lunch at Panda Express at the Food Court.  We drove to the dry side of the base to see where the recreation center was for our event on Saturday. It was easy to find.

When we got home, Elder Fanning worked on the computer.  Sister Fanning sat down to watch a show on TV and kept falling asleep.  We changed into our most formal missionary attire and prepared to leave about 5:30.

We were invited to the Birthday Ball for the US Navy Chaplain Corps.  The Ball was formal attire.  It was at the Bayview Restaurant at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot.  The chaplains were all dressed in their Dress Blues and Mess Blues.  The ladies were all in formals. Elder and Sister Kapololu, Elder and Sister Nelson, and President and Sister Stubbs were there with us.  We were able to meet one of the LDS Navy Chaplains and his wife that we had not met yet.  We also reconnected with LDS Chaplain Hamilton and his wife.  The Ball started with a Social Hour.  We were able to visit with the other couples, President and Sister Stubbs, and some of the chaplains and their wives.  After the Invocation, the San Diego Marine Band played the National Anthem.  We had filet mignon, roasted potatoes and root vegetables, salad, and rolls.  We had a great waitress.  The meal was really good.  A young Lieutenant sat at the table with us.  He recognized our name.  He had been referred to us to see about how to get LDS lay leaders endorsed.  He is assigned to the USS Anchorage.  So far he has not identified any LDS sailors, but wanted to be prepared.  He and Elder Fanning had a long discussion over dinner; and he will contact us to give us a tour of his ship.

After the meal, they described the Fallen Comrade Table to honor those who had died in the service of their country.  The Guest of Honor was Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben, the Chief of Chaplains of the Navy.  She was visiting from Washington DC. There was a cake cutting.  The Navy cuts cakes with a sword.  Admiral Kibben cut the cake, presented it to the highest ranking non-commissioned officer, who then presented it to the newest chaplain there.  It was fun to watch.  The Marine Band also played the service hymns for the Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.  One of the Religious Program Specialist, a young female enlisted sailor, spoke about their history.  Then Admiral Kibben spoke about the history of the Chaplain Corp, dating back to 1775.  The program was closed with a Benediction and cake served to everyone.  The Ball finished with dancing.  By the time the dancing started, it was after 9:00.  We took some pictures of the LDS contingent.  As we were leaving, Admiral Kibben shook our hands and thanked us for all we do for the sailors. We left for home after the pictures and got home after 10:00.

We spent an hour winding down and went to bed late.

From left to right, Mission President and Sister Stubbs, us, Elder and Sister Kapololu, Elder and Sister Nelson at our table.

From left to right, us, Chaplain and Sister Williams, Elder and Sister Kapololu, President and Sister Stubbs, Elder and Sister Nelson, Chaplain and Sister Hamilton.



November 29, 2017


This morning we took the opportunity to sleep in for an hour or so.  Sister Fanning made fresh blueberry muffins for breakfast with good things like whole wheat flour, oats, buttermilk, and fruit juice.  They did not rise for some reason.  They tasted good though.

We spent some time working on the computers.  We also prepared our resiliency lesson.

We had an appointment with the high councilor in charge of Military Relations for the San Diego Stake.  He is also the director of the Family History Library.  We met there in his office and talked about a variety of things, including Ward Military Liaisons, military housing maps, and setting up a Military Relations Committee for the San Diego Stake.  We spent about an hour with him.

Sister Fanning was not feeling very well.  We stopped to get some low-fat, sugar free ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  She got some strawberries on top.  She felt a little better after eating that.

We drove to our appointment with Melanie to teach the resiliency class.  It just happened that her husband, Frank, was home.  He sat in on the lesson also.  We had a nice discussion.  He is leaving on Friday for a 10-day mini-deployment and will miss the next two lessons.

We got home about 8:00.  We were both hungry, so Sister Fanning fixed some fried egg sandwiches.

We watched a bit of TV, did some computer work, and got to bed on time.

November 28, 2017


This morning we met with President Stubbs to report the results of the District Meeting we had yesterday.  Elder Fanning took a list of recommendations to him regarding changes in responsibilities, interfacing with Priesthood leaders, and reporting.  President Stubbs approved the changes in responsibilities, including projected changes if Elder and Sister Nelson are not replaced in February.  He also approved a meeting with himself, the two LDS hospital chaplains, us, and Elder and Sister Nelson.  We need to find out if there is a need for an LDS couple at the Balboa Military Hospital.  President Stubbs also agreed that he wanted copies of the reports that we all send to the Military Relations Department in Salt Lake City.  It was a good meeting.  We also discussed the disposition of the MCRD and the assignment of Military Relations missionaries there.  He told us that he felt very strongly that Elder Fanning was supposed to be the District Leader.  He jokingly talked about calling Sister Fanning as the Assistant District Leader.

We went straight to the USO from the meeting.  We changed from missionary clothing to USO clothing.  We were about a half hour late.  We spent the time checking in bread and doing inventory of Costco donations.  We also spent some time wrapping Christmas presents.  We stayed an extra half hour over our usual three hour volunteer time.

We stopped for lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  We had our regular meal that is consistent with our new eating plan.  The food tasted really good today for some reason.

We stopped at Costco on the way home to pick up a few things.  We also found Dan Brown’s newest novel and a set of three fiber optic tabletop Christmas trees.  Now we have half of our Christmas decorations.

We spent the rest of the evening recovering from our busy schedule today.  We relaxed and watched a Christmas movie.  We also spent some time working on the computers.

We got to bed on time.

Our Christmas Trees



November 27, 2017


Today was a busy day.  Sister Fanning was feeling better today.

We stopped for gasoline at Costco.  We then went to the military pharmacy to pick up some anti-nausea pills for Sister Fanning.

We drove to Dr Evans’ office.  It was time for the second knee injection in a series of three.  Things went well.

We drove to Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop.  We wanted to try these sandwiches.  We both got a chicken melt.  We found out that the regular size that we usually get at Subway is a lot bigger at Jersey Mike’s.  There is tons of filling.

We drove to the Tierrasanta chapel for our Military Relations District Meeting.  We ate lunch first.  We discussed a lot of items – Changes in responsibilities with the addition of Elder and Sister Kapalolu, redistribution of responsibilities after Nelsons leave (if they are not replaced), interface with priesthood leaders, reporting, and volunteering.  The meeting went late due to the number and scope of the agenda items.  We did not finish until 3:30.

We drove to the commissary for groceries.  Traffic was slow and took a little bit longer to get there.  However, once we got to the base, we found very long lines to get on and off the base.  We must have sat in a line to leave the base for over 30 minutes.  Traffic was also terrible on the freeways.  Since we have three freeways to drive on between the commissary and home, we decided to get home via side roads.  That also took a long time.  We did not get home until six.  That means we spent two and a half hours in the car to drive just over 17 miles.

We spent the evening relaxing and resting.

We got to bed on time.

November 26, 2017


Today was another bad day for Sister Fanning.  We went to Sacrament meeting at 11:00 at the Otay Lakes Ward.  We left just before noon for the Naval Base.

We had no one come to the LDS meeting at the Naval Fleet Center Chapel.  We will not give up.  We will continue to advertise in the different Wards and Stakes.  We have four ships, that we know of, that are coming into port in December.  We will see what happens.

We went right home after we finished at the Base.  Sister Fanning took a nap.

We had baked potatoes for dinner.  We relaxed and watched a Christmas movie.

We went to bed early.

November 25, 2017


Today was another bad day for Sister Fanning.  She spent most of the day resting or napping.  We did some computer work and a few things around the house.

We went to bed on time.

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