Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 20, 2017


This morning we left at 7:40.  We knew that it would take longer to get to San Diego due to rush hour traffic.  Sister Fanning ordered a dozen donuts from the Donut Bar in downtown San Diego.  They are well known for their special flavors and huge donuts.  There is also another store in Las Vegas.  Their donuts have been featured on Food Network, The Ellen Show, Guilty Pleasures, USA Today, and the Conan O’Brian Show.  We had heard that there was always a line out the door.  We ordered the night before so we were sure we could get what we wanted.  They run from $1 to $5 each depending on toppings, fillings, and size. We managed to get a parking space right in front of the store.  When we told the owner that we were taking them to the USO, He gave us six free donuts, including the strawberry and cream.

We got to the USO about 8:45 for our 9:00 shift.  Everyone was excited about the donuts.  They took our picture and posted it on Facebook.  We really enjoyed the donuts.  The large ones are almost too thick to get into your mouth and are at least six inches across.  We worked at the main counter checking people in for the Community Chest.  We also received three carts of bread and bakery items that Sister Fanning inventoried and put on the tables.  We finished our shift at noon.

We stopped at the mission office to return the tire gauges that Elder Fanning left in his pocket after vehicle inspections.  We visited with Elder and Sister Cummings for a while.

We went to the Eastlake Navy Pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.

We had lunch at McDonalds.

We stopped at Costco for gasoline and bread.  There were a couple of items that they did not have.

While we were at Costco we had a call from the Military Liaison for the San Diego 8th Ward.  She was wondering when we were coming to church at their Ward.  They meet at 11:00, so even if we go there, we can’t stay for the whole block.  So we made an appointment to meet with her next week.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on computer work and packing for the trip tomorrow.

We got to bed on time.

Elder and Sister Fanning at the USO with the donuts from the Donut Bar.

Strawberries and Cream

Creme Brulee — Stuffed with custard and topped with a crunchy caramel topping

The one with the marshmallows and sprinkles is called Mexican Hot Chocolate.




October 19, 2017


Today was a busy day.  We started at the USO.  We inventoried the bread and bakery items and put them on a table.  We also had about 40 Welcome Home Bags that a donor company prepared for sailors coming off deployment.  They had included a $25 restaurant gift card.  The USO uses the gift cards differently, so we found all of the gift cards in the bags and removed them.  Then we boxed up the bags for future use.  We spent the rest of the time at the main counter.  We took some missionary clothes with us and changed just before we left.

We had a clergy meeting with the Commander of the Point Loma Submarine Base.  There were about 13 clergy from various churches – from Buddhists to Christian Fellowships.  We met with the Commander, his Executive Officer, and the Command Chaplain to discuss the needs of the sailors on the base and programs that the churches had that could meet those needs.  We discussed a homeless initiative that the base and Veteran Village is working on together.  We also discovered some wonderful programs that were being run by the other churches.  We offered our Addiction Recovery Program as a resource to the hospital chaplain who covers the substance abuse center that treats sailors from all over the Western United States.   The meeting was held on a deck overlooking the ocean.  The venue was amazing; however, it was difficult to hear over the waves and Navy and Coast Guard helicopters flying by.

We had lunch at Chick-fil-a.  We headed to the Eastlake Navy Pharmacy on the southeast side of Chula Vista to pick up a prescription.  A trip that should have taken about 40 minutes took an hour and 15 minutes due to traffic.  The pharmacy was closed by the time we got there.

We hurried home to get ready for the Resiliency Course.  Melanie called because she and her husband were in the middle of some business and could not make it in time. We cancelled the class since she is the only one who attends.

Instead, we went to visit Jeff and Tabitha.  He is recovering from surgery on his broken leg.  Their baby is almost a month old and very cute.  We left them a baby gift and visited for about 30 minutes.

We relaxed when we got home at 7:30.  We had been running since 9:30 this morning.

We got to bed on time.

October 18, 2017


We were going to help with vehicle inspections this morning.  However, Sister Fanning was still not feeling well.  She slept most of the day.  Elder Fanning spent time reading scriptures and a book from Deseret Book.

We went to bed early.

October 17, 2017


This morning we went to the USO to volunteer.  We spent the whole three hours doing inventory for the bread, bakery, and non-food items.  We then stacked the bread on the table and put the non-food items in the Community Chest.  We always enjoy working at the USO.  The staff is terrific, and the military patrons are so appreciative.

We went to a first medical appointment at the pain clinic.  Sister Fanning saw the nurse practitioner.  She got a quick exam, talked to the nurse practitioner, got a refill for her pain meds, and left a sample for a drug test.  They do things differently in California.

We stopped at Red Robin for lunch.  We had a great lunch as usual.

We dropped the LDS books we bought yesterday at the chapel for the Bishop.

Sister Fanning started to feel unwell in the late afternoon.  She has a cytomegalo virus that seems to be flaring here.  When it flares, she feels like she has the flu and runs a low grade fever.  She has some anti-viral medications, but it does not seem to be going into remission.

We went to bed early.

October 16, 2017


This morning we volunteered to help with the mission vehicle inspections at one of the zone conferences.  We were not aware of how much work it was.  We checked all of the levels under the hood, all of the tire pressures and tread on all the tires and spare, checked all of the lights and signals and seat belts, checked for damage both inside and outside of the car, and checked for cleanliness both inside and out.  If the car needed fluids or tires needed air, we filled them up.  Then we gave everyone a frowning face since the cars were in poor shape. It seems that this mission has not been able to motivate the missionaries to take care of their cars.  We shared some of the things that they did in the Fresno Mission with the vehicle coordinator.  We are not sure they can be used here.  We were exhausted and overheated after we finished.  It was a hot morning.

After we finished, we had a Military Relations Luncheon, since all of the Military Relations missionaries were inspecting cars.  One of the couples picked up lunch at Panera Bread.  We had a nice lunch and discussed a little bit of business.  One of the couples said they were having good luck with the housing area maps.

The Bishop of the Harbor Ward had a request for LDS reading materials from one of the group leaders on a ship.  He asked us to stop by Deseret Industries to pick up some LDS books.  We were able to get 13 books that we felt would be enjoyed by the members on the ship.

We went home and collapsed.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing with our feet up.

We went to bed on time.

October 15, 2017


This morning we attended the 11:00 Sacrament Meeting in the Otay Lakes Ward.  We talked with one of the counselors in the Bishopric about GEO Codes and identifying the military members.  We also were greeted by the Stake President and one of the high councilors.

We left early so we could get to the Naval Fleet Center for LDS Services.  We stayed until about 1:30, and again no one came.  We did see our announcement in the bulletin of the Otay Lakes Ward about the meeting and an invitation to those who have duty and can’t get to their own Wards to join us.  We are hoping that will increase attendance.

We went to the Harbor Ward for the end of Sacrament Meeting. The Bishop asked us to go to Deseret Industries and get a selection of LDS books that could be sent to the LDS Group Leader on one of the ships.  He had requested some LDS reading material.  We will do that tomorrow.

Sister Fanning was not feeling well so we left after Sacrament Meeting.  She took a nap when we got home.  She felt a little better when she got up.  We had French dip sandwiches for dinner.  We did some dishes, and relaxed for a couple of hours.

We both got a Facebook message from a woman who had been friends with our daughter 30 years ago.  She apologized for encouraging our daughter to act out a few times.  She said she admired us for the rules we had for our children and felt that we had showed love to her.  She did not get that at home.  She had some pretty rocky teenage years and fell away from the Church.  She has since returned to the gospel and is preparing for the temple.  It was nice to hear from her and to know that we had made an impact in her life.

We got to bed on time.

October 14, 2017


Today we just tried to relax and recover from some of the things we did this last week.  Sister Fanning made tri-tip roast and baked potatoes for lunch/dinner.  We did some computer work and minor straitening around the house.

We got to bed late.

October 13, 2017


This morning we did not go to the USO.  Costco has changed their procedures for donating returned items.  The inventory of the Community Chest is lower so they decided to skip a week and hopefully wait for more donations.

We went to get the car washed.  We get these little spots of sap on the car even though we don’t park under trees.  They are hard to get off.  We also have a mist in the morning which dries and leaves water spots and a coating of dust mixed with mist.  The day after you wash the car, it is dirty again.  We go to a full service car wash and they vacuum and wipe down the interior and wash and wipe dry the exterior.  We get a senior discount, so it is not too expensive.

We went to the post office to mail the paperwork to the pain doctor and some pants back to the clothing company.  Sister Fanning ordered pants, and they were too big.  We wear casual clothes quite a bit on the mission, and she did not bring very many pairs of pants.

We drove to the Naval Fleet Center.  Elder Fanning is trying to find a good place to get his suits cleaned.  He dropped at suit off at the cleaners on the base.  We stopped at the Food Court to get lunch at Panda Express.  We then went to the commissary for groceries.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, working on the computer and straightening the house.  We got to bed on time.

October 12, 2017


This morning we went to the USO as usual.  However, we worked on a different task.  We had 36 boxes that had been packed by a donor group.  Inside each box were 26 different items that a sailor could use – everything from sunscreen to Gatorade to pens to candy.  The group thought that the USO could distribute the boxes, but it was not feasible.   So we emptied all of the boxes of their items and sorted them into groups of the same kind.  Then we made up bags with one of each item to give out as welcome bags for enlisted sailors coming home from deployment. We completed a total of 36 bags.  It took us almost three hours to finish. It was a lot of lifting, bending, and carrying.  We had sore feet and backs when we finished.

We went to a late lunch at Olive Garden.  Sister Fanning was feeling too tired and sore to cook today.  When we got home, we put up our feet for a couple of hours.

We worked on some paperwork this afternoon.  Sister Fanning has an appointment with a pain specialist next week.  The paperwork that she received to fill out was very long and detailed, about 12 pages.  She got that filled out and ready to mail back.  She also did some online ordering, and prepared a package to be returned to the vendor.  We are wearing pants at least three days a week. So she ordered some jeans since she did not bring very many pants.  She also ordered a yukata (Japanese summer kimono) for Elder Fanning to use as a bathrobe.  He has worn one for a couple of decades.  We got the budget caught up.  We also did some straightening around the apartment.

We spent some time watching TV tonight.  The Resiliency class was canceled because Melanie could not come.  She is the only one in the class.  Her husband, Frank, was coming home from a two-month deployment today, and she wanted to be home for him.

Sister Fanning thinks that the severe pain and fatigue was due to blocking on her fibromyalgia protocol.  Since she found out that she was blocking and stopped using the toothpaste, she has seen a little bit of improvement every day.

We went to bed late.

October 11, 2017


This morning Sister Fanning made English scones for breakfast.  She caught up on some computer work.  She also started working on the lists for visits for the 10 Wards.

Sister Fanning had an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon.  The adjustment went very well. She stopped for a couple of things at Costco and for pizza from Project Pie on the way home.

We did some more computer work this afternoon.  We also finished the deep clean in the kitchen.

We relaxed for a little bit this evening.  Sister Fanning is finding that she needs to pace herself more on this mission.  She gets achy and tired more frequently.  She seems to need more days resting than before.  We still seem to get a lot of things done.

We spent some time relaxing this evening.

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