Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

November 10, 2017


Today we got up early to pack and check out of the hotel.  We stopped at IHOP for breakfast.  Sister Fanning needed to eat soft things, so she got Swedish pancakes and scrambled eggs.

We left for Utah, stopped for gas in Bountiful, and arrived at the Marriott hotel downtown about 11:00.  When we tried to check in, our room was not ready.  They had upgraded us to a concierge room with a balcony.  We decided to wait to check in until after our meeting.  They let us park the car in the garage.

We walked to Deseret Book and looked for a CTR ring for Sister Fanning. She could not find one that she liked in her size.  We went to Johnny Rockets and got a milk shake, again soft food for Sister Fanning.  We then walked over to the Church Office Building.  We met with Elder and Sister Sparrow in the Military Relations Department.  We also met with one of the Church IT employees, who update the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL).  We were able to get the list of ships and submarines for San Diego corrected and updated. Sister Sparrow also learned how to do the updates herself.  We had a nice visit with the Sparrows and also talked with Brother Roggia. Elder Sparrow asked us to take a request back to President Stubbs.  He asked that President Stubbs take the request to the Coordinating Council.  The request was for each Stake President to provide a list of ten couples who are retired military and able to serve a senior mission.  We are spread so thin here; it would be nice to have some extra senior couples to work with the military.  The lists would go to Elder Sparrow.  He would contact each couple personally. Those who are willing would be called to serve a stay-at-home mission for the Military Relations Department.

We met our son at Cheesecake Factory at 3:00.  We had a nice lunch and visit.  We took some cheesecake back to the hotel.

We checked in when we got back to the hotel.  We had a room on the 16th floor with a balcony and a view of the Salt Lake Temple.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing and recovering from the last couple of days.

We got to bed on time.



November 9, 2017


This morning, we slept a little later than usual.  We were tired from travel yesterday.  We stopped at Perkins for a good breakfast.

We ran some errands this morning.  We stopped at the West Clinic to pick up some supplements for Elder Fanning.  We also stopped at Winco for a couple of items.

Sister Fanning had an appointment to get the post put in for her dental implant at noon.  The oral surgeon said the bone graft had worked well and the post went in snugly.  We went back to the hotel for recovery time.

Our daughter, April, stopped by to pick up prescriptions and get them filled.  She brought our granddaughter, Marissa, with her. We missed our grandson, Quinn, because he was at a week-long trip for school. Our son-in-law, Tony, stopped after work.  They picked up dinner at Chili’s.  Sister Fanning got some take-out tomato soup last night at Zupa’s so she would have something yummy to eat today.  We went to the hotel lobby to have dinner.  We played It Came to Pass and Uno afterwards.  We finally broke up the party at 9:00 so Tony could get to bed.  We had a great time.  Sister Fanning was doing quite well after the implant.

Elder Fanning went to bed on time. Sister Fanning stayed up for a little while to get a jump-start on packing.  We have a busy day tomorrow.

November 8, 2017


We were up at 5:00 this morning, to finish packing and get ready.  A shuttle picked us up at 7:30 for the drive to the airport.  With traffic and an extra stop, it took an hour.  We can get there when traffic is good in about 25 minutes.

We checked two suitcases and proceeded to security. We were classified as TSA pre-checked, so the line was short, we kept our shoes on, and did not have to take our electronics out of our carry-on luggage.  We got to the gate in plenty of time.

The flight to Las Vegas was only about an hour. However, when we got there, we found out that our connecting flight was canceled.  We were rebooked on a flight leaving two hours later.  However, we were put near the end of the B boarding group.  One of the other passengers told us we would not be able to sit together.  Between Elder Fanning’s sight and our four pieces of carry-on, Sister Fanning was concerned about not being able to sit together and help each other.  So she talked to one of the gate agents. She gave us and “extra time” rating so we could board between the A and B boarding groups.  It worked out very well.

We arrived in Salt Lake about 5:30.  We picked up our rental car and headed for Pocatello.  Traffic was good until we reached Layton, Utah.  It was so backed up that we got off the freeway and had some dinner at Zupa’s Kitchen. They have wonderful homemade soup, sandwiches, and salads.

We arrived in Pocatello about 9:30.  We checked into the hotel.  We were so tired.  Sister Fanning was sore all over. We unpacked what we had to.  When Sister Fanning looked for the medications and supplements we packed, she could not find them.  She thought she had left them home on the dining room table. We got to bed about 11:00.

November 7, 2017


This morning we had our regular shift at the USO.  We checked in some bread and bakery items.  Then we were asked to drive to the USO at the San Diego Airport and pick up six large boxes of welcome home bags for the Marines.  We got into our car and took a few minutes to check into our Southwest flight tomorrow.  We were lucky to get put in the A boarding group so we can sit next to each other. When we got to the airport, the long term parking lots were both full.  We missed the turn into the USO parking lot and ended up in the shuttle and taxi area.  After three loops of the area, we were able to park just outside the USO door to load the boxes.  We still don’t know how to get to the USO parking lot.  When we got back, we found several bins of non-food items that needed to be inventoried and put away.  It took until our regular quitting time of 1 pm to finish.

Sister Fanning dropped off Elder Fanning at home.  She had a chiropractor appointment.  On the way to the car, the heavens opened and we got the first big rainstorm since we got here.  Beside the rain, traffic was bad on the way to the chiropractor office.  Her adjustment went quite well.  When she got back to the apartment, we changed into our missionary clothes.  We stopped at Red Robin for something to eat.  True to our new eating habits, we got the hamburgers without buns and sauce on the side.  We also got fruit instead of fries.

We drove to see a Navy wife whose husband has been deployed since July.  He will not be home until March.  He is a LDS group leader on his ship.  Her father was there, and they were packing up to put everything in storage.  She and her two girls are moving to Washington where her parents live. She will live in their trailer and save their housing money to pay off debts.  We are glad she will have her family’s support.

After we got back to our apartment, we spent the rest of the evening packing. We managed to get almost everything packed except the things we will use tomorrow morning.

We went to bed on time.  We are looking at an early start to tomorrow.

November 6, 2017


This morning we left about 8:15 for Zone Conference.  We have a visiting general authority, Elder Erich Kopischke.  Since he was making a mission tour, we were invited to the Conference.  Traffic was pretty bad, and we got there just in time for pictures.  We had presentations by President and Sister Stubbs.  After that, Elder Kopischke taught about the cycle of faith.  He is such a good teacher.  He just had a conversation with us, asked questions, and took questions from the missionaries.

We got a call from Salt Lake just before lunch.  One of the members from the San Diego 1st Ward was moving today, and the elders were helping her. It turned out that her move was canceled, so she was trying to get in touch with the missionaries to let them know.  They were in Zone Conference, and were not answering their phone.  So she called Church Headquarters in Salt Lake.  They found our name and number on CDOL and called us.  We found the elders before lunch started and were able to pass on the information.

We had pizza, salad, and fruit for lunch and visited for a while with some of the missionaries.

After lunch, Elder Kopischke talked about working with Ward and Stake leaders, how to show love to the investigators, the power of the Book of Mormon, and other topics.  It was fascinating to just sit and be taught by a general authority.  We were trying to figure out how we knew him.  At first we thought he spoke at the MTC.  Sister Fanning looked up his bio and found out that he was in the European Area Presidency from 2010 to 2012.  He did a mission tour when President Ogden was our mission president and we met him then.

After the Zone Conference, we went to Costco to pick up some pre-made salad for the pot luck tonight.  We ran into two other senior couples who were doing the same thing.

We went straight to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site.  We were early enough that we were able to take a tour of the sight.  The sister missionaries that give the tours needed someone else to fill in the tour group.  They only had two single men, and that would not have worked.  The tour was great and very informative.

They came and got us just before the tour ended.  We had training for the visitor’s booth at the San Diego Temple.  It was very interesting.  They do not have a visitor’s center, and they have lots of people come to see what the fabulous building is.  So missionaries work out of a small booth to answer questions and give visitors information.  We are asked as senior missionaries to cover the temple on Tuesdays which is the missionaries’ preparation day.

After the training, we had a fireside for the senior missionaries with Elder Kopischke.  He took questions.  He told us how President Monson is doing and talked about his history and pioneer stories of how his family joined the Church during World War II in Germany.

We had a pot luck dinner afterwards.  We had good food and visited with the other senior missionaries.

We got home about 8:30.  It was a very long day.

We did some computer work and went to bed on time.

Elder Fanning decked out in his Mormon Battalion gear complete with musket.

November 5, 2017


We got up this morning and found out we had not set our clocks back.  Sister Fanning went back to bed for an hour.

We went to the San Diego 8th Ward Sacrament Meeting.  We had a call from someone who was passing through the area and wanted to know the time that the 8th Ward met.  She was bringing a non-member friend with her.  We decided to go to that Ward also.  We did not see her.  However, the high councilor in charge of military affairs introduced himself to us.  We talked to him for a few minutes before sacrament meeting and discovered that he had lots of questions for us.  Due to previous responsibilities, he was unable to meet with us after Sacrament meeting.  We got his name and number to call him and set up an appointment.

We came back home and had some lunch.

We went to the Navy Fleet Center for our 1:00 LDS Service.  We did not have anyone show up.

We were going to visit the Harbor Ward, but Sister Fanning started feeling ill.  We decided to return home.

Sister Fanning went to bed and slept for four hours.  She was feeling a little better when she woke up.

We spent the evening relaxing.

We went to bed on time.

November 4, 2017


This morning we had an outreach for the USO on the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.  The marine spouses were doing a physical team challenge among the four battalions on the base.  There were all these wives performing physical challenges – some funny and some harder.  One of the funniest was the Dizzy Izzy.  They had to put their foreheads on a bat and spin around 15 times and then run down around a cone at the end of the field and back.  It was pretty funny.  They also had to flip a huge tractor tire down the field and back – three wives at a time.  There was a relay race, a water balloon toss, an ammo box carry, and a tug of war.  Unfortunately, one of the wives was injured during the tug of war and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  We didn’t have much traffic at our table, but we enjoyed the three hours we spent watching the event.

We went to the commissary to pick up a few items afterwards.  Elder Fanning picked up a suit at the cleaners.

We got some gasoline at the military gas station.  A new gas tax just went into effect and the price of gas jumped 16 cents a gallon.  Not good news.

We spent the rest of the day working around the house.  Sister Fanning was feeling much better today.  She had a good night’s rest.  She made chicken ala king over brown rice for dinner.  It was a new recipe and was pretty tasty.

We went to bed on time.

November 3, 2014


We did not have to work our regular USO schedule this morning.  They canceled the Community Chest.  Sister Fanning slept in because she was still not feeling very well.

We left about 2:00 to go to the USO and pick up the materials for our outreach assignment tomorrow.

We then went to the Navy Hospital to pick up Sister Fanning’s pain pills.  The media attention to the opioid crisis has made everyone more careful about pain pills. Before they were filled, she talked to a pharmacy technician and answered questions.  Then the pharmacist printed off her federal record of drug prescriptions and talked to her about the two prescriptions.  Then she talked to another pharmacy technician and answered questions when she picked up the filled prescriptions.

There was a Subway at the hospital, so we picked up a couple of sandwiches to take home.  We got them on whole grain bread with lots of veges and very little sauce.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  Sister Fanning was beginning to feel a little better.

We went to bed early.

November 2, 2017


This morning Sister Fanning was still not very well.  We contacted the USO and told them we would be in later in the day.  We left for the USO about 1:45.  We stuffed 135 backpacks with golf balls and flyers for the golf tournament the USO is sponsoring this weekend.  We also inventoried and put away all of the non-food items that were left over from Tuesday.  We decided to leave before we had put in our 3 hours.

We changed into our missionary clothes at the USO.  We stopped for dinner at the only place on our way to our next appointment.  We had lettuce wrapped burgers and side salads at Jack in the Box.

We met with Melanie for the Resiliency lesson at her home.  We talked about preparing for deployments.  We talked about some things that she can try.  Her husband got home from deployment and then had to leave for a couple more weeks.  He will be home tomorrow.

We got home about 7:30.  We spent some time relaxing.

We got to bed on time.

November 1, 2017


Sister Fanning spent today in bed.  She is still not feeling up to doing much.  She has decided to go see Dr. Evans when we get back from our trip next week.  She wants to try to get to the bottom of the nausea and flu-like symptoms.

We spent the day in the apartment today.  We went to bed early.

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