Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 7, 2015


This morning we went to Selma to do apartment inspections.  We checked two apartments in Selma and one in Reedley.  They did okay, and one almost got a smiley face.  They all looked forward to getting cookies.

We stopped at Sal’s in Selma for lunch.  They have just about the best Mexican food we have had. The prices are pretty good also.  We invited the Seay’s but by the time they got there, we had left.

We came back to the apartment to prepare a grocery list and menu.  We did the grocery shopping and put the groceries away quickly.

We had a 4:00 appointment with Kenzie.  Jordon is deployed on a hospital ship until the end of September or sometime in October.  Their two little boys are cute but quite a handful.  When we got there, the 4-year-old was napping.  Sister Fanning managed to keep the two-year-old involved for almost a half hour with a rolled up dollar bill that he called a ticket. They are doing quite well after spending over a month in Utah with family.

We had game night at 6:00.  The sister missionaries were in charge, but had a dinner appointment on base at 5:00.  We told them we would come early to open up.  The ward mission leader was also there.  People trickled in until we had a large number playing volleyball in the gym and two tables playing games in the relief Society room.  We had two nonmember families that the elders had met in the last couple of days who came.  We spent quite a bit of the time with Kenzie’s two little boys so she could have some adult time.

We got home about 9:15.

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