Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 9, 2015


This morning we went to Ward Council.  We discussed several people we visit.  We also talked about those who are less active and who might accept a calling.

Sacrament meeting had some good talks.  Elder Robbins spoke longer than he should have and so the last speaker went over time by 10 minutes.  We had a good gospel principles class with two less active families from the base attending.  We also had a good Relief Society class.  The teacher was a substitute, but she did very well.  High Priests Group had a lively discussion with lots of disagreements.

We had steak and vegetables for lunch.  We needed to be out for evening classes early.

We started the resiliency class early because Jonah and Alice were having the missionaries to dinner.  We taught about strengthening marriages.  The class went well, and they continue to work on homework. Sister Fanning was able to borrow some food coloring for her institute lesson.

We left for home so Sister Fanning could experiment with the object lesson using food coloring.  She figured it out after a couple of tries.

We left for our addiction recovery group in Hanford.  We had three people attend including one who recently got out of jail for a DUI.  He gave out three Books of Mormon while he was in jail.  The group went well and the Spirit was present.

We came back home for institute.  We had four people attend.  We had a good class and discussion on the Jaredites and the Book of Ether.

We got home about 9:15.

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