Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 14, 2015


We started with apartment inspections in Hanford.  We inspected the zone leaders, the elders, and the sisters.  We were pleasantly surprised to be able to give them all happy faces.  They all did very well.  We are so happy with the effort the missionaries in the zone put into keeping their apartments clean.  They also liked the cookies.

We drove to Corcoran to inspect the sister missionaries there.  They also got a happy face.  We took them to lunch at a little Hispanic bakery/taqueria.  We got tortas (sandwiches) and Elder Fanning got a very spicy burrito.

We drove home to finish the menu and grocery list.  We went to the base hospital to get Sister Fanning’s prescription refills.  Unfortunately, they were not ready.  She had to meet with the nurse, get the doctor to sign off, and then wait for them to be refilled.  We went to the optical shop because we received the new temple for Sister Fanning’s glasses.  They were not able to fix them because they needed a special tools got the spring hinged frames.  They sent them to the lab for repair.

We went to visit Lacey.  She was not feeling very well.  She had a bad night and was tired.  She did not need much from the commissary so we left her home to rest.  We did give her a message on doubt.

We went to the commissary for shopping.  We dropped off some milk for Lacey on the way home.

Our appointment with Dick got canceled.  Sister Fanning was pretty beat from the heat and busy day, so we did not go out to make visits tonight.

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