Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 20, 2015


Sister Fanning had a dental appointment for a cleaning this morning.  Elder Fanning drove her to the appointment since she uses nitrous oxide because of her strong gag reflex.  She needs a ride home.

Sister Fanning baked up the cookie dough after she got home.

Sister Fanning had an appointment for a haircut this afternoon.  She continues to grow her hair out and it is getting to be about the length she wants.

We left for Coalinga a little early so we could stop at the base for gas and pick up some cleaning.  We got there a little before 5:00.  We had the same two ladies.  We talked quite a bit during the sharing section and discussed some issues that they both had.

We drove home to pick up some cookies for the next meeting in Lemoore.  We had about 10 minutes before we left for the meeting.  We only had one person show up.  We read the introduction and we just talked for about a half hour.  His mother had dropped him off and left to go shopping.  We stayed with him until she came back.  He is the only nonmember in any of our groups.

We got home about 8:45.


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