Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 21, 2015


We inspected the Lemoore elders and sisters apartments this morning.  They both got happy faces. We told the zone that if everyone gets a happy face on their inspections at the same time, we will give them a party.  We almost did that this transfer.

We picked up tri-tip sandwiches from Gunny’s for lunch.  We enjoyed lunch.

Sister Fanning prepared the grocery list and the menu for this week.

We went to see Kenzie and her three little ones.  She already had them out for a walk in the morning.  We visited with her and played with the kids.

We then stopped to visit with Lacey.  We had a nice visit and played with the dogs.  She is feeling much better.

We stopped by to see Candy.  We were supposed to take Taylor for an ice cream cone.  Candy was pretty stressed, so we took both Taylor and Bethany with us.  Bethany was being contrary and did not want ice cream.  The rest of us got an ice cream treat and she got lemonade.  She stopped minding when we were about done, so Elder Fanning took her out in the car to settle down.  Once she knew we were serious, she calmed right down.  We went to the commissary and allowed them each to pick a treat.  Taylor picked peanuts and Bethany picked pretzels.  We took them home. Candy had been able to get the baby down for a nap and get some things done around the house.

We came home and put the groceries away.  We put our feet up and enjoyed the air conditioning for about an hour.

We went to see Penny and her two little ones.  She lives in Lemoore.  She was doing well and the kids are getting used to us.  We enjoyed visiting with them and interacting with the kids. Linda is four and Bart is a year and a half.  She is expecting again in November.

We spent the rest of the evening resting.

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