Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 26, 2015


We picked up the sister missionaries at 8:00 to go to Fresno to the temple.  The whole zone went together.  We had a very full session and the missionaries really liked it.

We took the sister missionaries to lunch at Cheesecake Factory after the temple.  They really liked it.  We tried to be reasonable with the cheesecake and got key lime.

We stopped at Costco for a couple of things and ran into one of the senior couples.

We got home about 3:00. Sister Fanning had a headache so she lay down on the bed and fell asleep. She was still not feeling very well when she got up.  Her back went out at the temple and she had a spasm in her back.

Elder Fanning went out to the car to drive to missionary correlation meeting.  The electronic ignition is messed up. He had to unlock the car manually. Once he got in, nothing that he tried to do that was suggested by the manual worked. The next option is to take it to the dealer in Selma (45 minutes away). We have appointments in Coalinga tomorrow starting at 3:30, which is an hour away in the opposite direction from Selma. The only way to get it to the dealer is a very expensive tow. Maybe we should take a lesson from Eliza R Snow and give it a blessing.

So we stayed home and watched a movie Duma about a boy and a cheetah.  It is a pretty good movie that kids would like.

Tomorrow we see what can be done about the car – maybe rent one.

The Zone in front of the Fresno Temple.



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