Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

August 28, 2015


This morning we got a call from the Selma dealership that the car was done and they found nothing wrong.  We got the information from them to file a lemon claim on the car.  Something is draining the battery, but they cannot seem to find it.

Sister Fanning prepared a menu and grocery list while he was gone.

We went to the exchange to get a new purse for Sister Fanning.  Her red purse is really dirty.  She tried to clean it the way they suggested but it did not work.  She decided to try washing it in the washing machine and hope it does not ruin it.  We found a relay nice inexpensive purse that should work well. We passed by the Michael Kors handbags.

Sister Fanning got her glasses back from the optical shop on the base.  They sent them to the lab to get the earpiece put on.  There was no charge and no she has her good glasses back.

We ate at Panda Express.  We got steamed veges and teriyaki chicken for a nice lunch under 500 calories.  While we were there, we met Chaplain Rhodes.  We gave him an Armor of God coin.  He is moving out to one of the CAGs to take over for Chaplain Sorenson who is being transferred.

We then drove to the chapel to talk to Chaplain Jones.  We also gave him a coin.  He really liked it.  We also told him about the conflict with the last family home evening and someone being in our space.  We checked to make sure we are still on the schedule.  We found out that they are calling up lots of reserve chaplains because they have a shortage of Navy chaplains. We had a really good visit.  He asked us to pray for him since he is having so many personnel changes in the near future.

We went to the commissary to shop.  We got home about 3:00.  We relaxed out of the heat for a few hours.  It reached 105 degrees today.

We went to make some visits to people we have not seen who live in Lemoore.  We made six stops.  We got into one home of a military nurse practitioner.  His wife did not say anything to us and did not seem happy to see us.  They did not ask us to sit down.  We stood and talked to him for a few minutes while his wife had a rather negative look on her face.

We also talked to someone at one address who told us the person did not live there anymore.  It looked like one house was having a party, so we did not stop.  At another house, we heard someone talking inside but no one answered the door.  The other two houses had no answer at the doors.  We have several names of people in Lemoore who no one has seen.

We got home about 8:15.


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