Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 1, 2015


This morning Sister Fanning got up early to make chocolate chip toffee scones to take to district meeting.  We picked up the elders at 10:00 and headed for Hanford.

While we were driving, we got a call from Switzerland from Matt, our missionary “trainer” from our English mission.  The echo was really bad; he was calling us on Facebook.  We ended the call relatively quickly.

We had a good district meeting and received trainings on commitments and dealing with disappointment.  The missionaries managed to eat all of the scones and the rest of the brownies we brought home from family home evening.

We dropped the elders off at their apartment in Lemoore after the meeting.  We then drove to Visalia for a doctor appointment for Sister Fanning.  Sister Fanning found out that she failed to install What’s App on her new phone. After installing it, she returned Matt’s call and we talked to him all the way to Visalia. We stopped for lunch at Habit Burger.  We had lettuce wrapped burgers and some tempura green beans.

Sister Fanning had three injections in her spine to control the pain from arthritis in her lower back.  It was pretty painful this time.  She came home and sat in her chair and had a little nap.

We went to the base tonight to give a blessing to Jonah, who will be leaving for a three-month deployment on Thursday.  We talked to him afterwards about his grandfather who served in the Army during the Korean War.  Jonah’s uncle gave him some old army paperwork, and he asked Elder Fanning to look at it.  Elder Fanning was able to explain the paperwork.

We left for home after that visit.  Sister Fanning was having pain from the injections.

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