Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 6, 2015


This morning we started with Ward Council at 7:30.  We had a good meeting, talked about the schedule, game night, new converts, and some other agenda items.  While we were meeting, the phone rang.  It was a mother of a sailor who is here in Lemoore.  She is from Meridian, Idaho.  The clerk answered and gave us her information.

We called the mother before sacrament meeting.  We were able to get her daughter’s information and then made arrangements for her to call us this evening to give us more information.

We had a good sacrament meeting.  There were lots of good testimonies.  We challenged our institute students to bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon when we completed the class a couple of weeks ago.  Tiffany was the only one who followed through and bore her testimony.

The gospel principles class went well.  The young single adults came in because they did not have a teacher.  Sister Fanning got a migraine during Ward Council.  She went home during Sunday School to get something for her headache.  Priesthood and Relief Society were uneventful.

Abraham, our recent convert from the base, came to dinner.  His wife and daughter are visiting family back east.  He helped cook the cashew chicken.  We also had maraschino cherry salad and cherry cream cheese pie.  We talked for quite a while.  He left about 3:00.

Sister Fanning fell asleep in her chair while Elder Fanning relaxed.

We left about 5:30 for the Hanford addiction recovery group.  We had a large group, six people, which is about our limit for the room we are in.  We talked about confession.  We announced the spouse and family group we will start next week.  One of the people in our group will be coming with his daughter.

On the way home, we texted the stake president to see if we could use the high council room for both groups starting next week.

We got back home and talked to the mother of the sailor.  She is moving from an apartment to the base this week and needs some help from the Elder’s Quorum.  Sister Fanning texted her and made an appointment for Wednesday night to talk about the move.

Tiffany came over to do some online homework for her university classes because the wireless is down at her quarters.  She used our wireless and finished her homework in less than an hour.  It is due Monday night, but the young single adults are going to the beach tomorrow.  She wanted to make sure it was submitted on time.

Elder Fanning started printing the manual out for the spouse and family support group. We will take it to Staples in Hanford to be bound.

Elder Fanning has a swollen eye from the dust, allergies, contacts, etc.  Some of the people in the addiction recovery group accused Sister Fanning of punching him in the eye.  We are hoping his eye will be improved in the morning.

Pictures of our last zone conference.

zone conf1

zone conf3

The four missionaries in the bottom left picture are our Lemoore teams. The mission president is standing with them.

zone conf2


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