Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 8, 2015


Sister Fanning got up at six this morning and made two batches of chocolate chip toffee scones for district meeting.

Our Merry Maids contract expired so we canceled their service.  Tiffany loves to clean so she said she would clean our apartment.  She said she would do it for free, but we told her absolutely not.  However, she is doing it for much less than Merry Maids.  She came before we left for district meeting so we could go over things with her.

We picked up the elders and got to district meeting in Hanford just before the meeting started.  The meeting started with accounting for our week in specific categories.  We also had training on the role of the Book of Mormon in missionary work and our missionary purpose.  We brought the Selma district in to finish the scones.  We took a district picture afterwards.

We brought the elders back to their apartment.  We went back to our apartment to pick up some things and then left for Fresno.

We went to pick up some Ideal Protein.

We went to the mission office next. We dropped off the apartment inspections.  We also got the information on where the two new teams of elders will be living in Kingsburg and Coalinga.  We now have 12 apartments to inspect instead of 10.

We went to World Market to look for English custard.  We were able to find a can of Bird’s custard powder.  We also saw some cans of Ambrosia custard.  They were a little pricey though, at $4.49 per can.  We also picked up some Hobnobs, an English biscuit (cookie), for Lacey.

We went to Costco for a couple of items.

We went to dinner at Sakanaya Japanese Restaurant.  We had a wonderful meal, courtesy of a gift card from Kathryn.  She left it when she moved to Idaho for when Sister Fanning felt better.  We had miso soup, salad, tempura vegetables, teriyaki chicken, ton katsu, pickled cucumbers, edamame, potato salad, and rice.  The meal was wonderful.

We drove to the ward building where the departing testimony meeting was to take place.  There were only six missionaries leaving:  a senior couple working at the employment center, a sister returning to Las Vegas, and three elders returning to Guatemala, Maine, and Utah.  There were two beautiful musical solos presented by one of the sisters and one of the elders.  One of the elders was our zone leader, and one of the elders served in Selma.

We got home about 9:30.

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