Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 10, 2015


This morning Sister Fanning baked five dozen aloha cookies. She packed up one dozen for addiction recovery and froze the rest for future meetings.

We had an appointment to meet with Betty.  She and Sister Fanning are going to give Lacey a baby shower. They are also going to give a baby shower to a nonmember wife of one of the sailors who is coming back to activity. They planned the date and time.  They also worked on a list of invitees.  They decided to ask sisters to bring things so they can get more people to come.

Betty also fixed us lunch.  She made some of the sausage soup that Olive Garden serves.  It was really good.

We went to the commissary to shop after we left Betty’s.  We decided to shop today since tomorrow is jam packed.  We also went to the exchange to get a baby gift, and a new curling iron for Sister Fanning.  Her hair is growing out and she needed one with a larger barrel.

It is 105 degrees and the smoke and dust are really bad.  We came home and relaxed for a few hours.

We went to the addiction recovery meeting in Lemoore.  It started at 7:30.  The facilitator had texted that he would be late, but by 7:45, no one else showed up.  We also had no one come last week.  We talked to the facilitator about how long to wait with zero attendance before we combine the meeting with Hanford.

We got home about 8:15.

This shows how bad the smoke and dust are.  This was taken about 4:30.



The sun was bright orange as it tries to shine through the smoke and dust.



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