Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 16, 2015


This morning Elder Fanning talked to the Nissan USA representative in Tennessee and the dealership.  We will rent a car from the dealer and Nissan USA will reimburse us.  The dealership will keep our car for several days.  We are not sure they know what they are doing.  The Nissan USA Master Technician will be helping them with the test.  Elder Fanning took our car to Selma this morning and picked up our rental car, a really nice Nissan Altima.

Sister Fanning started to make cookie dough for 10 dozen aloha cookies.  She got a phone call from the Relief Society President.  She spent the next two hours discussing the visiting teaching routes on the base and all of the sisters who live on the base, their needs, and talents.  She decided to continue to keep the visiting teaching routes as they are, but Sister Fanning will report all of her visits to the visiting teaching coordinator as visiting teaching visits.  That way, we hope all of the sisters on the base will get seen each month. Sister Fanning finished making the cookie dough after the phone call.

We both had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon.  We both had a good adjustment.  Sister Fanning has been taking muscle relaxants to help her neck adjustment.

We stopped to pick up Chinese takeout.  We went to the China Inn, a new place and the food was pretty good.

Sister Fanning started baking cookies after we ate.  She got four dozen baked before we had to leave for missionary correlation meeting.

Missionary correlation meeting went very well.  We had representatives from the elder’s quorum, young men, young women, and relief society.  We had four full time missionaries and several ward missionaries.  We also had the ward mission leader.  The new assistant ward mission leader is a fireball.  He is a single sailor, and he took notes so we can follow up next week on everything that was assigned and discussed tonight.  Sister Fanning was asked to give the opening prayer at the baptism on Saturday.  Elder Fanning will give the talk on the Holy Ghost.

While we were in the meeting, we got a call from a counselor in the bishopric.  He asked Sister Fanning to speak Sunday on modesty and the proper wearing of the temple garment.

We got home about 8:00.  Sister Fanning finished baking the rest of the cookies.


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