Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 17, 2015


Today was a busy day.  We started with an appointment with Alice.  Her two oldest girls were in school.  Her three-year-old was there and talked our ears off.  They just finished off their first two weeks of a three-month deployment by Jonah.  We had a good visit and they seem to be going okay.

We went to the exchange to get a baby gift for a new baby born on Monday.

We next went to see Kenzie and her three little ones. The baby girl was an angel as usual.  The boys on the other hand were a little mischievous. The two –year-old was hitting.  Sister Fanning tried to get him to look at her so she could tell him not to hit.  He spent a lot of time with his eyes closed or his head turned away.  Elder Fanning played trains with the four year old.

We got home about 1:00.  We put up our feet for about 45 minutes.  Sister Fanning drove to her haircut.  She picked up a couple of taco salads at Reyna’s – one shredded chicken and one shredded beef.  They were both really good.

We left just before 4:00 for Coalinga – an hour drive.  We had the same two ladies there for the addiction recovery group.  We talked about daily accountability.

We drove back and spent about 45 minutes with our feet up again.  We left just before 7:00 for the Lemoore chapel for the addiction recovery group.  We had two people there.  We are concerned that this group is not having very good attendance.  We wish more people would come.

We dropped off a thank you card for the family who brought in a meal to us and had us over to dinner.  He is our home teacher.

We got home after 8:30.

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