Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 20, 2015


This morning we started with Ward Council.  We decided to start the meeting at 7 am instead of 7:30.  We seem to go over time in the meeting because we have so many things to talk about.  Then Sacrament Meeting starts late.   We had a really good meeting.

Elder Fanning helped give Coral the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  She was really excited.

Sister Fanning gave her talk in Sacrament Meeting.  She talked slow for the translators and ended up taking more time than she should have.  They skipped the rest hymn and gave the rest of the time to the High Council speaker.  Unfortunately, he told a story about attending the Master’s Golf Tournament on a Sunday.  With all the focus on keeping the Sabbath Day holy by the General Authorities, it was not a good idea to tell that story.  He said he had permission from the Stake President to go because he asked him about it.

We had a good Gospel Principles class on the scriptures.  We had 12 people.  In Priesthood Meeting, they announced that they need three teams to help move three families on Saturday. Sister Fanning took care of the Bishop’s baby during Relief Society so her mother could teach.  She is a sweet little thing.

Sister Fanning had a lot of people tell her “Thanks” for her talk instead of telling her that they enjoyed it.  It was just what the Bishop wanted her to say about modesty and the temple garment.

We had a Linger Longer after church meetings. Sister Fanning’s meatballs were a hit.  There was a lot of visiting among the members and people talked to others that they didn’t know very well.  Coral’s cousin sang some Hawaiian songs and played the ukulele.

We brought Tiffany home with us.  We talked for a while.  Sister Fanning was going to make some scrambled eggs for lunch, but she fell asleep in her chair.  Tiffany fell asleep on the couch.

We left about 4:00 for Hanford.  We had the Spouse and Family Support Group first.  We had two men come, and it was a very good meeting.  The Addiction Recovery Group followed right after.  We had eight people come, three for the first time.  The Spirit was really strong.  Sister Fanning’s cookies were a hit at both meetings.

We drove straight back to Lemoore for the first Institute class of the new course.  We are teaching Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel.  We had seven people come, and only one was the same as the last course. Some of the students asked about changing the night of class; however, most of them chose to keep the same night.  Elder Fanning taught the lesson since Sister Fanning used the Institute lesson prep time to prepare her talk.

After dropping Tiffany off at the base, we got home about 9:00.


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