Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 24, 2015


This morning we drove to Fresno and went to the 9:30 session at the Temple.  The session had 19 sisters and 7 brethren.  We were stopped on our way in by a senior sister who is a service missionary at the temple.  She asked us what we did as military relations missionaries and told us she and her husband were planning to go on a full-time mission soon.

We went to the LDS bookstore to get a DVD of Special Witnesses of Christ.  They did not have a copy, but they ordered one for us; and we bought a book.

We went to lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse, a restaurant a lot like Texas Roadhouse.  We had a really good meal, and they let you throw the peanut shells on the floor.

We came back to the apartment.  Sister Fanning baked three dozen cookies.  We took a dozen with us for the sister missionaries in Coalinga.  We inspected their apartment, and they did very well.

We went to the addiction recovery group with the two sisters in Coalinga.  One of them has a friend who will be coming as soon as she gets rid of the problems she is having from ceasing alcohol consumption.  We talked about personal revelation.

We drove back to the apartment and picked up a dozen cookies.  We went to the Lemoore addiction recovery group.  We had the facilitator and one person come. The Bishop came in while we were eating cookies and chatting.  He was called away before we had a chance to talk much.

We got home about 9:00

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