Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

September 28, 2015


We started the day with Sister Fanning making two pumpkin cakes with cream cheese icing.  Elder Fanning went to the base to talk to someone at the chaplain’s office about the air conditioning in the fellowship hall at the base chapel. It is really hot for family home evening, and the thermostat is in a small office, so the rest of the building gets really hot.

We left about 12:30 for the hospital in Hanford. Elder Finch had seen the doctor and got permission to go home once the wound nurse looked at his wound and changed the packing.  Sister Clark asked us to let Elder Finch use one of our laptops to email his mother.  They gave him some medication so he had to stay in the hospital for a few more hours.

We left to get some lunch at In n Out Burger.  We got the animal style fries.  They are good but probably not something you want to indulge in a lot.  They cover their fries with cheese, grilled onions, and burger sauce.  We went back home to get the laptop.  Since it was so late, we decided to have Elder Fanning go back to the hospital on his own and arrange alternate transportation for Sister Fanning to get to the base for family home evening.

Sister Fanning made the cream cheese icing, frosted the cakes and packed all the materials we needed for family home evening.  The sister missionaries did splits with Sister Fanning and one of the young single adult Ward missionaries.  Sister White drove Sister Fanning to the base with the games and treats.

Elder Fanning and Elder Finch left the hospital about 6:30, stopped at the pharmacy, and got to the base about 7:30.  We decided that it would be best to have Elder Finch stay with us since it was so late and his companion was 30 miles away with the district leader.  We also have to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning.

We had a good crowd at family home evening.  We had two moms with their four children come whose dads had to work.  A recently baptized mom of a sailor, and a single adult who is scheduled to be baptized on October 10 came.  We also had two sailors and a nonmember friend come along with two young single adults.  We had the sister missionaries there and Elder Finch.  With us, that made 18 people attending.

Sister Fanning talked to the nonmember who was attending. He said he and his wife were looking for a church.  He is here temporarily for training and will be going back to Fort Worth next week where they live.  She asked him if he would like to have the missionaries come, and he said yes.  Sister Fanning also arranged to go to the temple for the first time with Coral to do baptisms for the dead.  We will try to arrange it so several of the new converts can come along.

We got home about 9:00 and got Elder Finch settled in the spare room.  It was a busy day with lots of phone calls and texting to make arrangements for Elder Finch and family home evening changes.


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