Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 2, 2015


We had a busy day today.  We left this morning at 9:00 for Selma.  We inspected four elders’ apartments – two in Selma, one in Reedley, and one in Kingsburg.  We have been telling the Zone that if all of the apartments passed inspections, we would have a party.  The Selma district was always the ones that did not pass.  We could tell that they had tried very hard.  One of the apartments even had a scented candle burning. They all passed.  We checked with the zone leaders and arranged to make lunch for the 28 missionaries in the Zone after district meeting on the 13th.  We will make pork Barbacoa and let them either make a tacos or a salad. We will also have fresh fruit and a dessert.

We had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Selma – Sal’s. The food is really good. We had one of the Lemoore elders call and ask us to pick something up for them in Hanford.  So we stopped at Target in Hanford on the way home.

We were home long enough to wrap a birthday present and Sister Fanning to have a 15 minute nap.

We went to pick up some hypnobirthing CDs from Lacey’s visiting teacher.  When we went to Lacey’s, she was not home yet.  We will stop back.

We went to see Alice and her girls.  They were not quite home from school yet, and since we were early, we waited for a few minutes in the car. The girls were real chatterboxes.  We had to see everything in Susie’s school bag – she is five.  We had to see all of Alta’s artwork since she was little – she is six.  And four-year-old Jill had to have Sister Fanning kiss both of her stuffed lions.  We talked to Alice about her experience with the officer’s wives’ group. Most of their activities are on Sunday night and revolve around alcohol. She asked Sister Fanning how she managed to attend her group and not partake.

We stopped at Lacey’s and she was home.  We dropped off her birthday gift and the CDs.  She has not been out to family home evening lately because of her pregnancy. Her husband has also been under pressure at work because the jet that crashed a couple of weeks ago was from his wing. She was thrilled with the gifts – two kinds of Cadbury biscuits (cookies) and two kitchen towels and a hot pad that says “Keep Calm and Carry on Baking.”

We went to see April and her three little girls.  We found out that her baby has a hole in her heart that never closed after birth.  She has to have heart surgery.  Her husband is out on the boat until December. Luckily, her family lives close, and are coming to help.

We went to the commissary and finished shopping just before they closed.  Since Sister Fanning had a bad headache, we stayed home for the rest of the night. She finished baking the rest of the cookies, another four dozen.


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