Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 4, 2015


We watched general conference today.  We really enjoyed the conference sessions, especially the talk by Brother Durrant about how to “ponderize” the scriptures. We decided to start doing it. Sister Fanning’s scripture for this week is D&C 1:37-38. Elder Fanning’s is Alma 38:12.

In between the conference sessions, Sister Fanning made the first two layers of an ice cream cake. We also had frozen pizza for lunch.

During the last session, we found out that Tiffany had gone to the emergency room in Hanford because of a migraine and stomach pain.  Since she went by herself, we left to sit with her during Elder Bednar’s talk.  It was a good idea to go, since they would not give her the pain meds for the headache unless she had a ride home.

Elder Fanning had to leave to go to the Spouse and Family Support Group and the Addiction Recovery Group.  He left Sister Fanning at the hospital with Tiffany. The doctor finally released her after finding a bladder infection.  A stop at Walgreen’s on the way home for prescriptions was frustrating.  The doctor had prescribed the most expensive generic antibiotic and a pain killer.  The total cost of the prescriptions was $253.  Tiffany’s insurance does not go into effect until November 1. Sister Fanning took her home.  We tried to figure out the options to get a cheaper antibiotic. After calling a nurse-practitioner in the Ward, we decided to call the ER to get the doctor to change the prescription. The ER would only change it if the pharmacy called, but the pharmacy had closed for the day.  So she decided to go to the pharmacy in the morning and have them call the ER. Sister Fanning texted Betty and asked her for a ride home.  She got home at about 7:45.

Only one person came to the Spouse and Family Group.  There were four people who came to the Addition Recovery Group.  Elder Fanning left right after the group meeting for Lemoore.  He went to the institute class.  There was only one person who came and then another one came in late.  He got home about 8:30.


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