Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 5, 2015


This morning Sister Fanning had a stomach ache.  She slept later than she should have and had to scramble for the rest of the morning. We got a text early this morning from Tiffany.  She was able to get her prescriptions.

Sister Fanning finished the two ice cream cakes first thing this morning. The missionaries came to lunch.  We had chicken squisito, buttered noodles, and salad with homemade Italian dressing.  We finished with a dessert of ice cream cake.

We did some computer work, dishes, and straightened the house in the afternoon.  Elder Fanning also went to Hanford to get the car washed, his boots shined, and pick up some flavored cream cheese.

We left for family home evening at 6:00.  Elder Fanning dropped off Sister Fanning at the base chapel.  He went to the cleaners to pick up and drop off a suit. When he got back, he set up the room.

Sister Fanning did some scripture study.  She is studying the Old Testament using the institute student and instructor manuals.  One of the resources was a talk by President Romney from 1980.  We used a quote from that for family home evening. Sister Fanning also sent the link to Lacey because there was an item that Lacey had questions about that was addressed by President Romney.

Elder Fanning gave the lesson for family home evening on scripture study, learning gospel principles, and learning line upon line. We had 13 people at family home evening.  Lacey and Mitch came.  Tiffany was there, along with the missionaries and two of the young single adults from the Ward.  We had three single sailors and Coral, a recent convert.  We had a group playing SkipBo and after that, And It Came to Pass.  Another group played Banangrams.  Coral and Sister Fanning played Quirkle.  The two ice cream cakes were eaten with only one small piece left.

The sister missionaries stayed afterwards to teach Coral a new member lesson.  We made arrangements to go see Coral and teach her some family history on Friday.  We also made arrangements to teach the last resiliency lesson to Mitch and Lacey.

We got home about 9:00.


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