Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 6, 2015


This morning we picked up Sister Brown, went to Panera Bread for bagels, and went to district meeting.  We had a good meeting with training on master teaching and asking questions and testifying.

During the meeting, the Relief Society President from Lemoore asked Sister Fanning to call her to review the visiting teaching on the base.  We made some changes and left most of it the way it was.

The missionaries really enjoyed the bagels. We were going to take Sister Brown to lunch but neither Sister Fanning nor Sister Brown felt like it.

When we got home, Elder Fanning had leftover bagels for lunch and Sister Fanning had leftover pizza.

Sister Fanning took a nap and felt a little better afterwards.  She is going to see the doctor later this month about her headaches.

The Relief Society President came over to bring the final visiting teaching list.  We decided to make a few more changes and she left to finalize it again.

We left to have dinner with Tiffany.  She made some really good parmesan crusted chicken, rice, salad, and garlic bread.  We had a nice visit with her.

We went to see Jerry and Candy and their kids.  We have been troubled about Candy.  She has not been coming to church very much and has been sending mixed messages to several of the sisters in the Ward.  She has just been assigned as Sister Fanning’s visiting teaching companion. We were not sure she would accept.  When we asked, she said she would love to be her companion.  She left to go walking with a friend.  We talked to Jerry about Candy.  We came to the conclusion that she just needed good friends and a little loving care.  The Relief Society President decided to make another change in the visiting teaching routes to assign a particular sister as Candy’s visiting teacher so they can become friends.

We stopped to see Marissa.  She is on Sister Fanning’s visiting teaching list but we have not been able to see her for several months.  She was home but no one answered the door.

We stopped to see a less active brother with a nonmember wife.  We had him down as being assigned for deployment on the USS Stennis. He was moved to a different unit and now is not being deployed and works nights.  We visited with his wife for a few minutes.

We then went to see a family who just had a new baby a couple of weeks ago. They have three other cute little kids.  He is a Navy baker. He hurt his back and has had surgery.  He is being evaluated for medical disability discharge.  They are trying to figure out where to go.  He wants to finish his degree in business but they are not sure what they will do.  He could be out of the Navy in as little as six months.

We stopped by to see a new move-in.  No one was home.

We got home about 8:30.

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