Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 10, 2015


We have stopped getting Saturday as a day of resting and prep.  Sister Fanning baked three dozen cookies this morning.

We left just before noon for Hanford for a child of record baptism for a Navy family. They had family come from out of town, so they scheduled the baptism for noon.  There were not many people there because there was a Relief Society Super Saturday going on.  But the family did a good job with the program.  We had cookies and soda and visited afterwards.

We drove back to Lemoore after the baptism.  We packed up the cookies and the resiliency class materials.  We drove back to Hanford and had lunch at Chili’s.

We were able to get to our convert baptism early. There was a problem when we got there.  There was another convert baptism for the Hanford 2nd Ward for the same time, at 3:00. We talked to the other Hanford Ward’s priesthood leaders and the missionaries.  The decision was made to start our baptism in the Primary room, and the Hanford baptism in the Relief Society room.  After the Hanford convert was baptized, we switched rooms, and our convert was baptized.  The baptism was really nice with excellent talks.  Sister Fanning brought cookies, but there was no place to serve them.  The Hanford Ward had the kitchen; there was another child of record baptism scheduled at 4:00, so people were trying to get into the Relief Society room before we were finished. So Sister Fanning stood at the door and offered cookies to people leaving and entering.

The Bishop’s wife came up to us after the baptism.  She said she had a really disturbing dream.  She dreamed that we left and went home.  She said she knows the time will come, but she is not ready for it.

We wanted to stay for the next baptism, another child from our Ward.  We had to be out at the base by 5:00, so we left shortly after the convert baptism ended.

We had a little bit of time before our appointment.  We stopped to see the nonmember wife of a sailor who is deployed on the USS Washington. He is not due back until December and she had a baby due in two weeks.  We let her know we are available to help in any way.

We taught the last resiliency class to Lacey and Mitch.  The class went well.  We talked to them a lot. Mitch thanked us for the class. We talked to him about him having a priesthood blessing before he leaves and also told him we would let him know the name of the group leader on the boat.  He was receptive to that as a nonmember.

We finished and got home about 7:00. Elder Fanning was really frustrated that we had four separate baptisms on the same day and three were from our Ward.

We got a call from the teacher of the Gospel Principles class.  He had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  He asked Elder Fanning to teach the class until he gets back.

Sister Fanning baked another three dozen cookies after we got home.


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