Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 11, 2015


Today we started the morning with Ward Counsel at 7:00.  We had a lot of discussion on people and their needs and the calendar.  After we finished, Sister Fanning went to pick up Celia and her niece for church.  Sacrament meeting was really good with a high counselor speaking.  Jerry and Candy blessed their baby Wayne.  Elder Fanning assisted with that.  We also confirmed the new convert who was baptized yesterday. Elder Fanning was also asked to assist with that.

After Sacrament meeting, Sister Fanning went home to eat something and take a pain pill.  She had a really bad headache.  She got back midway through Relief Society.  The lesson was really good.  It was on the evils of pride.

Elder Fanning taught the gospel principles class on the Atonement.  The brethren talked about leadership in Priesthood meeting.

We talked with several people after church.  Celia’s niece was staying after Church for a Young Women’s meeting.  We took Celia home.

We had steak and salad for lunch.  We relaxed for a couple of hours.

We left at 4:00 for the Spouse and Family Support Group meeting.  No one came.  We need to advertise the meeting in Wards in the Stake.  We did run into the Bishop of the Hanford 2nd Ward. We talked to him about the situation on Saturday with four separate baptisms.  He had already talked to the Stake President and he will pass it on to the Mission President. We had six people come to the Addiction Recovery Group.  It was a good meeting.

We went to institute as soon as we finished the ARP meeting.  We had six students and talked about Jesus Christ as Creator of the world. We had a really good class with lots of discussion.  No one seemed to want to leave afterwards.  The young adults hung around and chatted.  One of the divorced sisters in the Ward comes to institute.  She wanted someone to give her a blessing.  The Bishop came to help and she was really grateful.

We got home about 9:30.


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