Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 20, 2015


Sister Fanning is still fighting the virus today.  It is a pretty wicked one.

Elder Fanning went to district meeting this morning.  He picked up donuts for a treat.  The meeting went well.  There will be major changes in the districts after the transfers.  We will lose the Corcoran Sisters and Selma Elders.  We will add the Coalinga Sisters and Elders and Elder and Sister Brown. That makes our district the largest one.

Elder Fanning got the tires on the car rotated after the meeting.

Elder Fanning went to the farewell testimony for the missionaries who are going home.  Sister Fanning really wanted to go because we worked closely with five of the seven missionaries going home. Sister Hopkin was with us in Lemoore for almost a year.  She goes home to Montana.  Elder Walker was also with us in Lemoore.  He goes home to Minnesota.  Elder Feltner was in our zone twice. He goes home to Utah.  Sister Clark was in Corcoran and goes home to Utah.  Elder Robbins left to go home from Lemoore.  He is going home to Garland, Utah, where Sister Fanning’s father was born.  The other two missionaries are going home to Idaho and Tennessee.  Elder Fanning got pictures of all but one of them.

Elder Fanning also talked to President Clark about the couple replacing us.  He knew they were called to this mission, but did not have the details.

Elder Fanning got home about 9:30.

Elder Robbins


Elder Feltner


Elder Walker


Sister White is moving to Corcoran.


Sister Hopkin’s picture is very blurry.  Here is a picture when she was still here.  She is the one with the princess pose.



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