Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

October 29, 2015


This morning Sister Fanning had an appointment at 7:40 at the hospital.  Since she was having trouble breathing, chest pain, and fatigue, Dr. Skinner checked her over and ordered an EKG and a chest x-ray.  The EKG came back normal.  The chest x-ray showed a spot on the heart that they thought might be an aneurysm, cyst, or an infection of the heart.  Dr. Skinner ordered a CT scan and some blood tests.  One of the blood tests was for San Joaquin Valley Fever.  The CT scan came back normal.  The spot on the x-ray was a fatty deposit.  The doctor sent her home with an inhaler, some cough syrup, and some antibiotics in case it is bacterial.

We stopped and got a couple of taco salads from Reyna’s to eat when we got home.

Sister Fanning went back to the base to pick up Tiffany to do some visiting teaching.  We were able to visit all three sisters on her route.  Her companion is at home with a baby that just had heart surgery.

Sister Fanning got back home in time to leave for Coalinga for Addiction Recovery Group.  We had three people there.  We had a good meeting. Sister Fanning slept on the way back.

We went directly to the Hanford Stake building.  There was a High Priest Quorum meeting for Elder Fanning.  Sister Fanning dropped him off for the meeting and then drove straight to Lemoore for the Addiction Recovery Group there.

We had two people for the group meeting.  It was a good meeting and the new sister who started coming this month really needed the step on personal revelation.  We stayed and talked for a while afterwards.

Sister Fanning stopped at the store for some gluten free flour to make cookies for one of the sisters who comes to group.  She got home about 9:00

Elder Fanning got home about 9:30.

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