Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

November 6, 2015


We had apartment inspections with the four companionships of elders in the Selma District.  There are two in Reedley and two in Selma.  We were able to give them all happy faces.  We were pleased because they are usually the ones who are most likely to have less than perfect apartments.  They were all happy to receive cookies.

We met Brother and Sister Seay (formerly Elder ad Sister Seay) at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Selma, Sal’s.  We had a nice visit with them.  They just returned from a trip to Europe.  It was fun hearing about it.

Sister Fanning prepared the menu and grocery list. We went shopping at the commissary.

We had some visits to make tonight. We stopped to see Lacey and Mitch.  We wanted to give them the Armor of God coin for finishing the resiliency class.  We also got to meet Mitch’s mother, who came for the birth of the baby.  We had a nice, short visit.

We stopped to check on Joseph.  He was in the process of packing the house since Elisa went home to stay with her parents.  He is feeling pretty lonely and overwhelmed.  Elder Fanning gave him a blessing, and we offered to arrange for some help with moving his things to the storage unit.

We went to see Alice and the girls.  They have been doing well, and looking forward to Thanksgiving when they can go home to visit with her family. The USS Washington has rounded the horn and is on the way up the coast of Argentina. We had a nice visit and talked to the girls quite a bit.

We stopped to see Allie.  Jimmy was at work.  She did not answer the door.  She was probably not available to answer the door.  We will stop back soon since her baby is due anytime.

We stopped to visit with Candy and her three kids.  Jerry is on a two-week work-up.  We had a good visit with the kids.  They did not want us to leave.  We promised to come back next week to take them on an outing.

We got home about 9:00.


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