Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

November 18, 2015


This morning we were out on the base by 8:45 to take care of Wayne and Cassidy.  They are both about 7 months old. Cassidy was asleep and we played with Wayne for about 45 minutes until he got tired.  He is such a happy baby.  We put him down to sleep and Cassidy woke up a few minutes later.  She was okay as long as Elder Fanning held her and Sister Fanning sat right next to him. She could not sit on the other couch.  We had such fun taking care of them.  Betty and Candy spent a couple of hours at Joseph’s house and only got the kitchen cleaned.  Unfortunately, he has to clear quarters tomorrow, so we don’t have much more time to arrange help for him.  Betty made red chicken curry for lunch.  It was really good.

When we got back home, Sister Fanning started baking cookies.  She stopped when it was time for our appointment with the chiropractor.  We both had pretty good adjustments.

Sister Fanning baked more cookies when we got home.

We went to missionary correlation meeting at 6:30.  We had a good meeting, with representatives from the Relief Society, Young Men and Women, and Elder’s Quorum. There was a lot of discussion about people and needs.

Sister Fanning finished baking cookies after we got home.

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