Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

November 24, 2015


This morning we had District Meeting in Lemoore for a change.  We had a good meeting.  It was a change to not have to drive to Hanford.  However, after the next transfer, we will be driving an hour one way to Coalinga for District Meeting.

We took the Hanford elders with us to give Allie a blessing.  She is at the Adventist Hospital in Hanford.  Her husband was there.  She is a nonmember, and we explained priesthood blessings to her.  She is sad that she is in the hospital and her new baby is at home.

We took the elders to Habit Burger for lunch. We dropped them at home.  We dropped off a prescription at CVS Pharmacy.

When we got home, Sister Fanning cleaned our bedroom.  It took a couple of hours, because she has to take breaks.  But we now have a nice clean bedroom.

We made some visits tonight.  We first went to a family that we just got records for.  They had been here for almost two years.  His grandfather had sent his records.  He must be a Ward Clerk.  The sailor is a less active member and his wife is a nonmember.  They have three children.  They will be moving to Whidbey Island in March.  We made arrangements for us to go see them next week.

We next went to see a sailor who had talked to the elders on the street in Lemoore.  He was packing for a move to Oceana in Virginia.  We never had his records here.  He admitted he has not attended Church for a long time.

We also went to see Dick and Marie.  We have tried to make appointments for a long time, but he does not respond to our texts.  We talked to them for a while and made an appointment for tomorrow night.

We got home early, about 7:30, and relaxed for the evening.

This is our Lemoore District.


This is our District having a fun picture.


This is the Hanford District.




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