Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

November 30, 2015


This morning we took it easy.  Sister Fanning prepared our grandson’s goal reward package for mailing.  Elder Fanning took it to the post office.

Sister Fanning made two pans of dulce de leche bars for family home evening.  Elder Fanning prepared a message on Christmas.

We had a small group at family home evening.  Coral and Tiffany came.  The sister missionaries came with one of the single adult ward missionaries. We also had a civilian mom and son come.  With Elder Fanning and me, we had nine.  It was a small group but we had a good game of And It Came to Pass.  Everyone loved the dulce de leche bars and took some home.

We got a text from Sabine asking us to let Tiffany know she needed her to watch her kids while they went to the hospital to have a baby.  We ended family home evening early so Tiffany could leave.

We got a text from Tiffany later telling us that the two boys, Sage (age 6) and Nelson (age 4), had locked themselves in the bathroom and would not come out.  She was out of ideas.  We left to go help.  Elder Fanning took his Leatherman to unlock the door from the outside.  He could not get the door opened and found out that Sage was holding the door lock on the inside to prevent us from unlocking the door.  All Sage would do was yell at us to leave and that he was not coming out.  Sister Fanning finally told him that we would have to call the military police.  He unlocked the door at that time.  He was very sassy when he came out.  Elder Fanning used his best intimidating military voice to get the boys to go to bed.  It was almost 11:00. These boys are not very good at minding.

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