Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

December 8, 2015


This morning Sister Fanning got up and felt terrible.  Even her armpits hurt.  She took a pain pill and went back to bed.

The seal on one of our windows went bad, so the workers came and replaced it this morning.

Elder Fanning went to the base to drop off the paperwork for a pass for the new missionary, Sister Alexander.

He went to the zone meeting by himself this morning.  The cookies were a hit.  The meeting was good with several new missionaries including three greenies.

Elder Fanning took the missionaries to Habit Burger for lunch.  He brought some Taco Bell food home for Sister Fanning.

Sister Fanning felt a lot better when she got up.  The dizziness seems to be getting better, but the pain is still about the same.  She made eight loaves of pumpkin bread to deliver.

We went out this evening to deliver six loaves of bread.  We are saving two loaves for delivery to some sailors on the base tomorrow.  We went to a less active, limited contact family and found out they had moved.  We were able to find a new address in Lemoore for them about three blocks from us.  We delivered a loaf of bread to a family that does not want contact with the church.  We also delivered a loaf to a less active family who tries to hide from us.  They were both very friendly and happy to get the bread.  We also delivered a loaf to Sasha and Sabine and their family, Jonah and Alice and their family, Jerry and Candy and their family, and one other active family.

We found out that one of the military wives had a kidney transplant yesterday.  Alice is her visiting teacher and she is on top of everything.  We got a full report from Alice and passed it on to the Relief Society compassionate service leader.

Tiffany got her hospital bill today.  She was in the emergency room for a few hours and the bill came to nearly $5,000.  She works a minimum wage job and is stressed out at a major level.  She came over to visit with us tonight.

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