Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

January 3, 2016


Sister Fanning was not feeling well again.  She stayed home from church.

Elder Fanning went to Ward Council.  One thing they discussed was a new family that is moving in next week.  Sacrament meeting went well with the testimonies.  The rest of the meetings were uneventful.  We lost our clipboard for families to sign up to come to family home evening.  We are waiting until everyone gets back from holiday travel to see if we can find it.

We had chicken fried steak and vegetables for lunch.  Sister Fanning finished preparing the institute lesson.  She got ready to go out to the evening meetings.  We were out of cookies, but rather than bake some more, we cut up the last pumpkin bread to take to Addiction Recovery Meeting.

We picked up Tiffany at 4:00 and drove to Hanford for the Spouse and Family Support Group.  No one came to the meeting.  We had three people come to the Addiction Recovery Group.  People liked the pumpkin bread.

We drove to Lemoore for Institute.  We had seven students come.  We had a really good lesson on Jesus Christ instituting the Sacrament.  Afterwards, one of the students needed a blessing.  She is an older lady who is getting a divorce.  She asked one of the young adults who had just become an elder to give her the blessing.  It was the first one he ever gave.  He was coached by two other young men and Elder Fanning.  He did a great job.

Tiffany jokingly told the young single adults that they were all coming to our apartment after Institute to play It Came To Pass.  All six of them showed up.  They had some Mio drinks and played a couple of hands of cards.  They stayed about an hour.  We had a good time watching them play. Elder Fanning had been texting Brian about the Church and his progress.  He and Crystal and the boys went to Church.  He said that they did not stay for the last hour because neither of them is very comfortable in Relief Society and Priesthood Meeting. He also said he knew that to be a good Mormon, you had to attend all three hours.  We are amazed to see his progress.  He was feeling bad about the dealer he used to buy his drugs from.  He wanted to talk to us about what he could do for Rob.  Rob helped him get to Anaheim.  He asked us if we thought we could share the gospel with Rob. Rob keeps trying to get Brian back on drugs.  He asked if he could give our phone number to Rob.

Shortly after that, Rob texted us to find out how we had brainwashed Brian.  Elder Fanning texted him back a little about agency, choice, and the difference between selling drugs and the gospel.  Rob stopped the conversation shortly after that.

We got to bed pretty late.

Institute Class After-Party

Sunday Institute 1

Sunday Institute 3

Shiv wearing Tiffany’s wig.


Sunday Institute 2




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