Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

January 4, 2016


Sister Fanning made a pan of caramel dumplings for lunch and family home evening.  She also made rosemary roasted chicken and vegetables for lunch with the missionaries.  We had a nice visit during lunch.

After lunch, Elder Fanning took the elders to Hanford to see the doctor.  While they were at the doctor, Sister Fanning cleaned up after lunch and took a nap in her chair.

Sister Fanning made a second pan of caramel dumplings.  We also purged our paperwork files and put last year’s receipts into manila envelopes.

We left for family home evening about 6:00.  Sister Fanning was able to get the video on Special Witnesses of Christ to work on the computer.  For the lesson, we used the testimony of President Hinkley and challenged everyone to go to to listen to the rest of the Apostles’ testimonies. We had the caramel dumplings, which were a hit.  We had a huge group.  We had a family of three and a family of five.  The sister missionaries were there.  We had Coral and Tiffany and her little nephew come.  Cade came and brought a nonmember friend.  We had two young single adults come and bring one of their moms.  With us it made 20 attending family home evening.

We started to wrap up a little early because people were tired and had work tomorrow. There were also several kids to get to bed. By the time we finished cleaning up, it was 8:30, so we did not get out early.

Brian texted and apologized for what Rob texted to us last night.  Rob also texted to apologize and ask some more questions.  Rob said that since he killed someone, he was going to hell and was just planning for that.  Elder Fanning texted the steps to repentance.  Rob said that Brian used to be his best customer but he could see the change in him.  We probably won’t get anywhere with Rob, because he would have to stop dealing drugs.  Brian lost his job because one of the other employees was commenting on druggies and he lost his temper.  He is doing okay after that.  Whenever he does something wrong, he confesses to Elder Fanning and apologizes.

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