Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

January 7, 2016


We had an appointment this morning with Sister Fanning’s orthopedic pain doctor in Visalia.  She saw the physician’s assistant.  When the PA accessed the DEA database, she found out that Sister Fanning was given the wrong narcotic pain medication by the pharmacy.  She called the pharmacy and all they asked was “What do you want us to do?”  She told Sister Fanning to make sure she got oxycodone instead of hydrocodone. She gave Sister Fanning a drug test to make sure she is taking her meds and not selling them. Some of the muscle pain may be from withdrawal from the pain meds because of the wrong dose.  She will go back in six weeks.

We stopped at Costco for gasoline and then headed for Hanford.    We stopped at the CVS Pharmacy to drop off the new prescription.  We talked to the pharmacist.  The only thing she would say was that they would be more careful in the future.  She did agree to allow us to get a free prescription because of the mistake. However, they did not have enough in stock and we will have to wait until tomorrow.

Elder Fanning made it to the Men’s Bible Study Group on the base.  He has to bite his tongue a lot during the study with all the other denominations.  He is going to look for a study guide for the Book of Revelations at the LDS book store that might help to share some of the truths that we have that they don’t.

Sister Fanning made another batch of gluten free lemon cookies.  She tried several of the hints from the America’s Test Kitchen Website.  They were better than the first batch she made, but the texture is still not quite right.

We went to Coalinga for Addiction Recovery Group.  We only had the facilitator come.  We had a good time discussing the step.  We found out that one of the ladies who attended, who is 92, had a stroke a week ago.  She recovered, but is still not the same, and was too tired to come.  We are looking forward to seeing her next week.

After the Group in Coalinga, we drove home for about a half hour.  We left for the Lemoore Addiction Recovery Group.  We had only two people come to that meeting, one that we have not seen since before Thanksgiving.  We took the gluten free cookies, but since the person who is gluten intolerant was not there, we brought some of them back home to freeze.

We got home about 9:00.


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