Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

January 9, 2016


Sister Fanning was asked to bring orange rolls for the senior missionary dinner.  Since she has not made them before, she decided to try out a batch.  She used her cinnamon roll recipe for the dough, but used the filling and frosting recipe from the Lion House.  She made two dozen small rolls.  She made them into twists instead of rolls.  We ate too many of them.  They were addicting.  We packaged up some to give to the Bishop and his family.

We prepared our Institute lesson and the PowerPoint to go with it.  The lesson is on the atonement and we are hoping that the class is spiritual.

We decided that we needed to go to see Star Wars before we got the story from news and social networking.  We went to see a 3-D movie.  We really enjoyed it.  It set the stage for the next episode.

When we got home, we Skyped with both Quinn and Marissa.  They had both had a bad week.  Neither one earned their reward.  We left them with new goals to meet for next week.

Sister Fanning made a batch of oatmeal coconut butterscotch chip cookie dough for the Addiction Recovery Groups this week.

We got to bed relatively early.

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