Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

January 15, 2016


Today was the day Sister Fanning made orange rolls for the Senior Missionary Dinner.  She made two double batches of rolls.  Each batch made one dozen.  It took about six hours because she made two batches at a time.  They turned out quite well.  She combined her cinnamon roll recipe with the Lion House orange roll recipe.  She rolled them up like cinnamon rolls, sliced them, and stretched and twisted the circle to make a figure eight.  They were quite pretty.

We went to see Jack and Betty.  Jack will leave on deployment next week and will not be home until August.  This is the last time we were able to talk to him outside of Church.  We will miss this family.  He was just released as the Elders’ Quorum President.  She seems to be everywhere on the base helping people and doing service.  They have two little ones, Austin is three and Cassidy is 7 months.  Cassidy came right to us and Austin played with us.  We will miss Jack.  Betty will be leaving in March to go home to Utah and back east to stay with family.  We will be visiting them until then.  Once they leave in March, we will not see them again.

We left early for the dinner so we could turn in the apartment inspection forms at the mission office.  We are getting another senior couple tomorrow who will work in the office.  The Gale’s left six weeks ago, and the Williams have been filling in until the new couple came. The Williams were one of the office couples when we came on our mission.  They had served for four years, but are locals and so are asked to fill in when needed.

We also went to Costco for gasoline and Toys r Us for rewards for our grandkids that we are helping with their behavior.

We got to the dinner about a half hour early. Sister Fanning helped Sister Clark with the meal.  Elder Fanning got an assignment from President Clark to help with the logistics of transfers.  There will be no more transfer meetings or farewell testimony meetings per instructions from the General Authorities. We had a really good chicken pecan salad, orange rolls, and carrot cake.  The orange rolls were a hit.  Sister Fanning had the senior missionaries take the leftovers home.

We got home about 9:00.


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