Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 5, 2016


Elder Fanning went to a supposed excellent donut place to get some donuts for breakfast while Sister Fanning packed.  They were just so-so. We left the hotel about 10:15.  We had to repack the back since things had shifted. We stopped at the Maverick on the west end of town to get gasoline.

Sister Fanning drove over the mountains.  We stopped east of Sacramento to change drivers.  Sister Fanning slept until we reached Fresno.

We stopped in Fresno to get gasoline at Costco.  We then stopped to get a milk shake at McDonalds.  There was a man sitting on the ground outside.  It was apparent that he had some kind of surgery on his hand or arm or both.  He asked for some food, so Elder Fanning bought him a meal.

We arrived home a little past four and unpacked the car.  We spent some time unpacking suitcases and other stuff.  We did not have internet when we got home.  When we checked the router, we discovered that there was no power to all of the outlets in both bedrooms, except one outlet in the master bedroom.  We called Kevin, the maintenance man, and he said the same thing had happened at another apartment.  We were able to plug both CPAP machines into the one working outlet in the bedroom, so Kevin said he would come over tomorrow.

Sister Fanning could not seem to stay awake.  We decided to forget the rest of the unpacking and go to bed.  We were in bed a little early.


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