Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 11, 2016


Today was a busy day.  It started this morning with Elder Fanning attending the base chaplain’s men’s bible study.  He continues to be amazed at the lack of truth that other religions have.

Sister Fanning made dream cookies.  She used butterscotch chips since she was out of chocolate chips.  We each tasted a half of one to make sure they tasted good.  We did not want to affect our diets too much.

Sister Fanning had a haircut at 2:00.  She is really pleased with the length of the last one, so is getting the same haircut.

We went to give Tiffany a blessing.  She got the news that her sister was a victim of a tragedy while she is on a det (away from home preparing for deployment) and is having a hard time dealing with it.  Her sister pledged her to silence.  Sister Fanning guessed what happened.  She was having feelings of anger and helplessness.  She needed a blessing since she is going to the temple on Saturday to receive her endowment.

We left immediately for Coalinga for Addiction Recovery Meeting.  We had the two same sisters there.  One of them just had a stroke and is struggling.  One of the things she said was that she just did not seem so worried about why she was coming.  She was attending for anger issues.  She is unable to pray out loud anymore because she can’t come up with the words.  We cried with her.

We came back to the apartment for about 20 minutes before leaving to pick up someone for the Lemoore Addiction Recovery Meeting.  We had two people there.  One of them is going through a divorce and has had a couple of family members pass away recently.  She has not been to her therapist for several weeks because her therapist is on maternity leave.  She spent quite a lot of time talking about her feelings.  Because of that, we were late leaving.  After dropping her off at home, we got home about 9:15.


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