Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 13, 2016


Sister Fanning woke up this morning with both very red eyes glued shut.  The base hospital has a Saturday clinic, but she had never been.  The appointment line said that they were only open Monday through Friday. She got ready for the day and went to the hospital about 10:00.  When she got there, she found out that she did have to make an appointment. They had appointments available, but only after we had to leave for Fresno.

There is no urgent care in Lemoore, but there is one in Hanford.  We drove to Hanford, but found that the clinic had 11 patients in front of us.  We did not have time to wait, so we left immediately for Fresno.

We stopped for gasoline at Costco.  We went straight to the temple for the endowment session.  Tiffany is receiving her endowment today.  She is really excited, and really prepared.  About three months ago, she realized that she was not really giving her all to the Savior and decided to really commit herself to the gospel.  She had come so far in that short time. She was recently called as an assistant advisor to the Beehives.

We had a lot of people from the Ward come to support Tiffany.  Three of the young single adults, two members of the Young Women’s presidency, the Bishop, the High Priest Group Leader and his wife, a member of the Relief Society Presidency and her husband, one of the YSA Advisors joined us at the Temple.  Tiffany’s best friend, Allison, from Colorado flew out to be her escort.  We also had one of the young single adults from the Ward as one of the temple workers in the session.  It was very spiritual and Tiffany was so happy.

Several of us went to Chick Fil A for lunch.  One of the YSA’s mother came who only speaks Spanish also came.  We had a good time.

We left as soon as we ate for an urgent care in Fresno.  Sister Fanning picked one that was close by and rated high on the Internet. We were lucky to get there during a quiet period.  She was able to get in quickly and get a prescription for eye drops.  They faxed a prescription to a pharmacy and it was in process when we got there.  We only had to wait for a few minutes to pick it up.

We left immediately for Lemoore.  We had an appointment with a military couple.  He is a counselor in the Bishopric.  They are going to Ireland on vacation soon.  They wanted to talk to us about our experience touring Ireland.  Sister Fanning was able to print off some blogs and part of our itinerary for some of the places that we went where they are also going.  We also wanted to learn a new card game called Hand and Foot.  One of the sailors knows how to play, and has wanted to play it at family home evening.  However, it is difficult to learn and no one else knows how.  We played in teams, Sister Fanning and Garrett slaughtered Elder Fanning and Cadee.  The score was 11,400 to 4,300.  It is a really fun game and now we and Adam can teach some people at family home evening.  We also had a great time playing with the four children in the house.  They are six years old and under.  They are cute but very precocious children.

We got home about 9:30.

Some of the group from the Ward with Tiffany.


Tiffany on the left, Allison on the right.



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