Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 18, 2016


Sister Fanning woke up with a really poor stomach today.  She was so sick to her stomach that she could not get up.

Elder Fanning went to the chaplain’s men’s bible study.  They covered a chapter of the Book of revelations.  One of the topics was if they made the book into a movie, who would direct it.

Sister Fanning changed all of our appointments to tomorrow.

Elder Fanning went to Coalinga for Addiction Recovery Group.  We had the regular two sisters come.

Sister Fanning got a call from Kyra.  She wanted to come over.  She had been kicked out of the last home she was staying.  She was not living within the rules and the standards of the Church.  She has been homeless and staying on people’s couches for the last several days.  She has run out of friends to stay with.  We called the Bishop and we arranged to meet him later.

We went to the Lemoore chapel for Addiction Recovery Meeting.  Sister Fanning needed to go because we had to pick up a sister for the meeting. Kyra came to the chapel with us and stayed in her car while we did the meeting.  We had two people come and worked on Step 8: Seeking Forgiveness.

After the meeting, we had a meeting at our house with Kyra and the Bishop.  It was decided that Kyra would stay at our place tonight.  The Bishop will find her a shelter home to move into until she can get a job and a room to rent somewhere.  She has indicated she wants to come back to Church and live the Gospel. We did not finish the meeting until 10:30.

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