Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 19, 2016


This morning we prepared to get Kyra taken care of.  We took her to the animal shelter to give her puppy to them.  She was not happy, but she did well.  We took her to the base to stay with Tiffany.  Tiffany agreed to take her to Hanford to take her driver’s test.  She passed the test and got her license.  She also registered her car.  So now she is legal.

We went to Candy’s.  Elder Fanning stayed to watch her two youngest children, Bethany and Wayne.  Sister Fanning took Candy to see Libby to do our visiting teaching. We spent an hour with her and had a nice visit.  Sister Fanning took Candy to the post office afterwards.

We went to see Betty and her two children.  Austin took Elder Fanning up to his bedroom to show him everything.  He also had Elder Fanning help with his train tunnels – books tented over the tracks.  Sister Fanning played with Cassidy.  She is taking a few steps at a time.  Betty talked to Sister Fanning about some of her concerns with the deployment.  Sister Fanning gave her some advice about a skin rash and her schedule and being overwhelmed. She asked Sister Fanning to come to the baby shower tomorrow an hour early to watch Cassidy while she gets set up for the Belgian waffles they are serving.

We went to see a family whose records we just got.  She is a member; he is not.  They have a really cute 6-month-old baby.  They are a nice family.

We stopped at another home, but no one answered the door.

We went to the hospital to pick up a prescription for Sister Fanning.  Elder Fanning ran into one of the members of the Ward there and they talked for a while.

We went to get gasoline and drop some cleaning off.  We also went to the Exchange to pick up some baby gifts for a shower tomorrow.

We did the grocery shopping.  We had missed lunch and it was almost dinner time, so we picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  We had some green beans along with it.

We were able to put up out feet for about an hour and a half before we left for Ward Game Night.  We had a small turnout because it was not announced in Church on Sunday.  We had volleyball going and a large game of Uno.

We got home about 9:15. We checked in on Kyra. She has a place to stay tonight – with Tiffany.  We talked to the Bishop, and he is working on getting a semi-permanent place for her.


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