Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 22, 2016


This morning Elder Fanning did some missionary work with Brian.  He got the address of his girlfriend.  Brian did not want him to give it out. But, Elder Fanning was able to figure out what Ward Brian is living in.  He was able to contact the Anaheim Mission to get information from them.  Brian’s girlfriend is pregnant and he is planning to propose.  He is still managing to stay clean, but needs the Spirit to give him extra strength.

Sister Fanning made chocolate layered pudding dessert or lush as some call it.  She also made chicken Caesar salad and French rolls for lunch.  The elders came, but the sister missionaries were not able to come.  Two of the three sisters are being transferred and they needed to do some things to get ready for the transfer tomorrow.  Elder Crosby is also leaving.

Elder Fanning went to Hanford to get the car washed.  He also mailed a package to our grandkids.

Sister Fanning did the dishes and cleaned up after lunch.  We also gathered the rest of the information we needed to do our taxes.

We had a great family home evening.  Elder Fanning gave the lesson on avoiding sin. We had an object lesson using a box with a hole in it and a treasure inside.  We had one of the kids come and put their hand in the hole and try to pull the treasure out.  Once his hand was in a fist and he tried to pull it out, the hole was too small.  He related it to grasping hold of something that Satan dangles in front of us. He also told President Monson’s story of Maka-Fekes. We had an investigator and her two children come.  We also had two families, one of six and one of five, come. Coral and her grandson came. The three sister missionaries came.  Kyra, Cade, and Tiffany came.  We also had two other young single adults come.  With us, there were 26 attending the meeting. We had games of Uno, Phase 10, It Came to Pass, SkipBo, and Banangrams going.  People started to leave a little early, so we were cleaned up and out of the building by 8:30.


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