Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 23, 2016


We had a clear day today.  We decided we needed a rest day.  However, we got a lot done.

Sister Fanning finished our income taxes and electronically filed them.  We can definitely see the change in tax rates.  This is the first time in years we had to pay federal taxes.  We got a refund from the State.

Sister Fanning made fajita chicken breasts for a late lunch.

Sister Fanning also made visit appointments for tonight.  Elder Fanning did some computer work.

We went to make several visits tonight.  We went to see Abraham and Susie.  They have a brand new baby boy.  Their two year old daughter was very talkative.  She sat on our laps and talked to us.  They are doing well.  Abraham was baptized in August, and wants to wait to bless the baby until he receives the Melchizedek Priesthood.

We did a drop-in visit with Dick and his two little boys. Tonight was not a good night, but we made an appointment for Saturday.  Marie is deployed on the Stennis, and he is struggling.

We went to see a less active part-member couple. They were having dinner so we did not go in.

We stopped to see a sister that the Bishop asked us to visit.  She had asked for no visits, but her mother called and asked for someone to visit.  Her husband is deployed on the Stennis.  She said she was okay and did not need anything.

We stopped to see another less active family.  He is on limited duty due to a back problem.  We got his phone number and talked for a few minutes.

We next stopped to see a less active family.  She had a kidney transplant a few months ago.  She has to have another surgery in a couple of days to fix a problem with her kidney.  It will be done in San Francisco and is an overnight procedure.  We visited for a few minutes and left with a prayer.

We got home about 8:00 and watched a movie we got from Netflix.

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