Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 24, 2016


This morning we had an appointment to have our teeth cleaned.  We went to the dentist in Hanford and got out quickly and efficiently.

We decided that we needed a treat afterwards so we stopped at Superior Dairy.  We were going to get a one scoop sundae and a two scoop sundae.  The waitress knows us from bringing the missionaries there.  She leaned over and told us we could get a four scoop sundae to share for a lot less.  So we got four scoops, with extra hot fudge.

Sister Fanning had an appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon.  She did not adjust very well.

We had the missionary correlation meeting cancel because the sister missionaries were still not back from Fresno after transfers.  We are getting a brand new missionary.

We were thinking about going out to make some visits, but Sister Fanning was feeling sore after the adjustment.  It was a good thing we stayed home.

Tiffany called to ask to come over.  Her sister had done some things that really upset Tiffany.  These things have a great impact on Tiffany’s life.  Tiffany was upset that she had not been told before the fact.  Tiffany brought Kyra with her.  We talked for a while and played a few hands of It Came to Pass.  Tiffany was feeling lots better by the end of the evening.  She said that we probably did not expect to have more kids when we came on a mission.  We are pleased that she feels close to us and can call on us when she needs to.

They left to go to the chapel to meet with the Bishop.  We relaxed for the rest of the evening

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