Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

February 26, 2016


Elder Fanning was supposed to be on a moving crew this morning, but the crew was moved to Saturday.

Sister Fanning prepared the grocery list for shopping.  We took it easy and planned to leave in the afternoon for the base.  We got a call from a sister on the base who said she and her husband both needed a blessing and she would fill us in when we got there.

We left immediately for the base to see Sabine.  When we got there, she was in tears. Delta was there, she had recently moved into the Ward on the same street. Apparently, Sabine and her husband, Sasha, had an argument, that escalated and ended up in the front yard.  One of the neighbors called the command, and one of the neighbors called security. Sasha was put on a restraining order by the command.  He could not come within 100 yards of his family until Monday.  Sabine does not have housekeeping skills.  The Relief Society Presidency has tried to help her, but she keeps everything, and there is not much room in the house. So CPS came and took their four children.

Elder Fanning gave Sabine a blessing.  We talked to her about her house, setting priorities, and teaching the children to help. We were grateful that Delta was there.  She was able to provide a lot of help to sort through and get rid of stuff.  Sister Fanning called the Relief Society President to arrange for sisters from the Ward to come and help clean.

We went to the barracks to talk to Sasha and give him a blessing.  We encouraged both of them to access all the help available – parenting classes, family counseling, individual counseling, and command help. He admitted that it was his fault because he has anger issues that have flared up recently.

By the time we finished with them, we did not have time to go grocery shopping.  We left for Fresno.  We stopped at Costco for gasoline and drove straight to the Mission President’s home.

We had a really nice dinner.  We had salad, rice, tri-tip, rolls, and fruit.  We had pound cake with raspberry sauce for dessert.  We had a new senior couple, Elder and Sister Bradshaw, introduced themselves. Two senior couples, the Browns and Walkers, who are leaving, bore their testimonies.  The Walkers worked in a Spanish-speaking branch, even though they don’t speak Spanish.  The Browns worked in the prison ministry. We enjoyed working with them a lot.

We got home about 9:30.


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