Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 6, 2016


Sister Fanning was running a fever this morning and was feeling poorly.  She stayed in bed while Elder Fanning went to Ward Council and the Sunday block of meetings.  The meetings were uneventful.

Sister Fanning cooked the tri-tip roast and green beans for lunch.  Elder Fanning ate and Sister Fanning did not eat.

Elder Fanning went to an appointment with the Stake President.  They talked about Institute and Addiction Recovery.  We recommended that they find service missionaries to take over the Addiction Recovery Programs.  We also recommended that the Institute class does not continue, since there is a Pathways program in the Visalia now.

There was no one at the Spouse and Family Support Group.  There were four at the Addiction Recovery Group.

There was only one student at Institute.  We have six more lessons and then we are finished with the course.

While Elder Fanning was gone, Sister Fanning made a couple of ice cream cakes for family home evening.  She also put some pork into a crockpot to cook overnight.

Elder Fanning got home about 9:00.

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