Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 7, 2016


Sister Fanning was feeling a little bit better this morning. She finished preparing the pork for sweet pork Barbacoa tacos. She also made lime cilantro rice. We had the elders and sister come for lunch.  We also had ice cream cake for dessert.

We had a message from one of the missionaries who served with us here.  She was coming back for a visit to California from Utah.  She wanted to visit.  We also had her join us for lunch.  We had a really nice visit with Kaylee and caught up on what is new in her life.

Sister Fanning did not eat lunch.  She was still not feeling really well.  She managed to eat a little later in the day.

We left early for family home evening so we could get gasoline and go to the cleaners.  Elder Fanning set up the tables, and then left for the main gate to escort a civilian family on the base.  Sister Fanning set up the chairs and the food.  Sister Fanning got a call from Candy asking if we could pick up Taylor for family home evening.  Bethany had not been good, so Candy would not let her come.  Elder Fanning went to pick him up before family home evening started.

Sister Fanning gave the lesson on honesty.  She found a really good story about a 20-year old debt on a bicycle on  We had three families come – two with four kids and one with three kids.  We had an investigator and her two kids come.  Coral and her grandson came.  We also had Tiffany and another young single adult come.  With the sister missionaries, Taylor, and us, we had 29 people there.  The kids got a little rowdy after playing at the kids table for quite a while.  Elder Fanning took them into the nursery, and the adults played games in peace.  We went a little over time, so we got home after 9:00.

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One thought on “March 7, 2016

  1. ReeD on said:

    Mom, I am glad you are feeling better.

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