Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 10, 2016


Happy Birthday, Elder Fanning!

We started out the day babysitting Austin.  He has hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Betty had to take Cassidy to the hospital for her one year checkup.  Since Jack is on deployment, and Austin is contagious, Betty needed someone to stay with Austin.  We played toys with him, and he played games on our phones. Since Cassidy is also sick and contagious, Betty will not be coming to Church on Sunday.  They fly out for Utah on Tuesday, and will not be back in Lemoore until August when Jack is back from deployment.  So we said our goodbyes.  We may be able to see them on Monday for a few minutes.

Elder Fanning brought Sister Fanning home and then went back for Men’s Bible study.  They are still discussing the Book of Revelation in the New Testament.

While he was gone, Sister Fanning started on the double batch of oatmeal coconut butterscotch cookies. She was able to cook a couple of dozen before she had to leave.

Sister Fanning had an appointment to get a haircut.  She is pleased with the new hair style and the stylist who cuts it.

While Sister Fanning was finishing baking the cookies, we got a call from the facilitator of our Coalinga Addiction Recovery Group.  She canceled the meeting because she had a dental appointment and would not be able to be there.

We relaxed for a couple of hours, and Sister Fanning took a short nap in her chair.

We went to the Lemoore Addiction Recovery Group.  No one came but the facilitator.  We talked about the group for about a half hour, and then left for home.

Sister Fanning had a call from the Ward Young Women’s President during the meeting. They need Elder Fanning to go to the temple on Saturday morning with the youth. She also finalized the plans to have the young women babysit during the resiliency classes on Saturday mornings.

We got home about 8:30.


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