Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 17, 2016


They canceled the Men’s Bible Study at the base this morning.  We did some things around the house.  Sister Fanning made a double batch of oatmeal coconut butterscotch cookies.

We had an Interfaith Town Hall Meeting at the base chapel tonight at 6:00.  We also had an Addiction Recovery Meeting in Coalinga at 5:00, an hour from the base.  Elder Fanning got a ride from someone in the Ward to go to the Town Meeting.

Sister Fanning went to Coalinga by herself to run the meeting there.  There were the same two ladies there.  We talked about Step 1: Honesty.  We also had a discussion about Satan and flaxen cords and how he leads us carefully down to Hell. She hurried back to the base to sit in on the rest of the Town Meeting.

We went to Lemoore for the Addiction Recovery Group.  We had two people there.  The meeting went well.  We talked about Step 11: Personal Revelation.

We went to Penny’s home to teach the first Resiliency lesson.  She will not be able to be at the class on Saturday morning.  She has some mandatory training for her child care business.  Her three little ones were still up, so we had some interesting times teaching the lesson between the needs of the children.  We had a good lesson.  Her husband is not a member and is currently on an eight-month deployment.

We got home about 9:45.


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