Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 21, 2016


The sister missionaries went to Sequoia National Park.  One of the elders was not feeling well. They did not come for lunch.

Sister Fanning made two chocolate cakes for Family Home Evening.

We spent the day resting and relaxing.  We are really tired and are feeling the long days we have had.

We left for Family Home Evening about 6:00.  Elder Fanning gave the lesson on the beginnings of Family Home Evening.  He was going to talk about the new ideas we had for keeping all the children under control.  However, we had only five children who were very well behaved.  We had the Bishop and his family and a family of five.  We also had in attendance the sister missionaries, Tiffany, a young single adult from the Ward, and us.  We had a total of 17 people come.  We had two games going for the older children and adults.  The younger children played in the nursery.  We sent home any leftover cake with everyone.  We lost track of time and ended about 15 minutes late.

Elder Fanning and the Bishop gave one of the couples blessings at their request after Family Home Evening.

We got home about 9:30.

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