Bold Adventurers

Elder Reed and Sister Vicki Fanning, LDS Senior Missionaries

March 22, 2016


This morning we left for Porterville at 7:15.  We picked up the sister missionaries to ride with us, and the elders followed us down.  It took almost an hour and a half to get there.  We had a good Zone Conference.  Sister Clark was not there because she was taking care of some family responsibilities.  The Assistants to the President and President Clark gave presentations about the missionary schedule.  They talked about being more obedient and timely.  We had sandwiches, salads, oranges, and cookies for lunch.  While we were there, we found out about the missionaries who were injured in the terrorist bombing in Belgium.  A TV station in Fresno called the President for a comment.

We met a new senior couple.  They are very interesting.  Sister Levie is Chinese.  She was a traditional Chinese doctor in China for many years, and treated many high officials and athletes.  She got an MBA and started her own business.  She was quite wealthy.  Her father was a general in the communist army.  Her daughter went to Australia to go to college. She went to visit her, found the Church, and was baptized.  She moved to Utah, and joined an LDS online chat group to meet someone who could take her to the temple.  She met a farmer from Lehi, Utah.  The rest is history.  She offered to give Sister Fanning treatments.  She did some initial checks and was able to tell Sister Fanning some of the things she already knew were health problems.  She told Sister Fanning she should eat fish, eggs, and vegetables for breakfast, and also eat kiwi and cucumber, but never eat meat. We are thinking about going down to get a treatment.

We stopped at Costco in Visalia for gasoline on the way home.  We got back to Lemoore about 5:55.  We dropped the sister missionaries off and went straight to our 6:00 appointment.

We went to see Josiah and Mercy.  They are excited to be planning their temple sealing in the Payson Temple on June 8.  He was just ordained an elder.  We had a really nice visit with them.  They invited us to the sealing.

Our 6:45 appointment canceled while we were coming home from Porterville.  One of their girls came home from school with lice, so they were busy with delousing.

We came home after seeing Josiah and Mercy and rested for the balance of the evening.

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